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Happy Nevada Reading Week! As Margaret Fuller said, “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

Mike O’Brian from “The Mike & Carla Morning Show,” stopped by Paul Culley Empowerment School and read to Mr. Rivera’s kindergarten class.

It was only fitting that the students and the faculty were celebrating pajama day during Mike’s story time.

Mike read two books to the class, “Dragons Love Tacos,” and “Even Monsters Need Haircuts,” which the students absolutely adored!

Tacos are spicy!” and “It looks spicy!” are a few out of the many funny things that the children would say regarding the book.

Mike made his reading time interactive, prompting activities and incorporating “call and response” games with the children.

Before reading time, Mike talked about Hawaii and if any of the children have ever been on a beach. Many of the students were in awe and gushed over how much they love the water and sandy beaches.

The class, conversations and delightful stories were a perfect way to spend “Nevada Reading Week.”

According to the State of Nevada Department of Education’s website, reading week “is focused on inspiring and instilling the joy and importance of reading across Nevada.”

Rivera’s kindergarten class was fun, energetic and eager to learn! We loved being a part of their day and reading stories to them. Thank you, Paul Culley Empowerment School!

Scroll down below to see Mike read to the class: