The graceful and smooth sounds of Carlos Santana‘s guitar playing is a permeant fixture in playlists spanning throughout decades. The party isn’t over yet. After spending 10 years in Sin City, the iconic musician is staying with a multi-year extension of his residency. This veteran performer has seen history, and maybe even the future, through his wisdom and years spent within the entertainment industry.

Santana songs are often best served with hot summer nights while driving in your car with the windows rolled down, blasting the band’s plethora of projects and albums. Along with making amazing music, Carlos Santana is a generous philanthropist who uses his music as a medium of empowerment. And this was apparent during an intimate sit-down with the singer at House of Blues Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Wednesday, May 18.

The singer, who revolutionized music through his Afro–Latin-blues-rock fusion, is helping our community. Santana has raised over $230,000 through his performances, which has helped a wide array of charities and organizations across the country.

Carlos Santana was awarded the Las Vegas Icon Award by Country Commissioner Justin Jones for his 10 year run of his An Intimate Evening with Santana: Greatest Hits Live residency at the iconic House of Blues Las Vegas. They have only awarded this award to one other entertainer. Las Vegas based artist Justin Lepper created a handmade metal guitar for Santana to commemorate his 10 years.

During his exclusive celebration with PR Plus and House of Blues Las Vegas, the legendary singer shared wisdom and personal stories of his journey through music.

With deep gratitude and appreciation of his parents and god, Santana is thankful for his strength and overall presence in front of others. He lives by the ideology that you should present yourself in such a way “that you give people hope and courage.” Many of his entertainment and musician friends are “hitting the wall” as he puts it. The lingering question is, “How does Santana do it?”

We as fans and friends have seen Santana over many decades overcome political climate changes, technology advances and even industry ups and downs. His fellow cohorts  want to know how he as created an everlasting career since 1967 without so coming to the the victim mentality.

Santana wise and witty gave a great analogy with children and candy. When you give a child too much candy, “they crash”, when you’re given too much ovulation, “you crash.”

He was taught by his mother and learned from impresario and promoter, Bill Graham and record producer and executive, Clyde Davis, that there is a way to go through life without so coming through all of the toxicity and waste. We as individuals have the power to talk to ourselves on a higher level of self consciousness.

Music was a way for “The Game of Love” singer to channel through all of the everyday huff and gruff. Music to Santana is to “give people a deep sense of self-worth.” He doesn’t want to be a person or an artist who is down on himself. He never wanted to become bitter and angry. “Music is unity and harmony and it’s about healing,” says Santana. You have to heal yourself every day form the negative voices in your head. He gets to practice in front of the world with his shamanic powers.

Shamans are believed to be connected to the otherworld and have rehabilitating powers to help the sick, preserving traditions, and transfer messages from one world on to the other. He believes these powers bring hope and courage to everyone. “Santana is not a tourist, he’s a part of the family” says Santana. Being in Las Vegas, has shown the singer that fans come from all over the world. Fans of Santana really spend their time and money on his shows so it’s important take he that one-on-one time. Santana goes on to say, “It’s important to spend more time with being gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation.” These characteristics overrides and heals a victim mentality. You must show up with confidence. Confidence is the secret formula to staying strong in any line of work.

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Carlos Santana Returns To Center Stage At House Of Blues Las Vegas

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