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My wife and I had the opportunity to attend the 49th Annual Las Vegas Greek Food Festival on Saturday (September 24, 2022). The weather was just about perfect for dining outdoors, browsing through the bazaar, and people-watching. We had a “Greek-a-licious” good time! You can see the event website by clicking here.

This annual event is held on the grounds of St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church near Hacienda and Torrey Pines in Spring Valley. The last time we attended was in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. It was good to be back.

I must say, the organizers and volunteers who run and staff this event have things down to a science. There were lots of long lines at just about every booth, but the lines moved quickly, and there did not seem to be any disgruntled customers. There was plenty of Las Vegas Metro Police presence around and inside the event. There was remote parking with shuttle buses running from those lots about every 10 minutes. The hot food is served hot, the cold food is served cold. It is really a very well-run event, and it has been every time we have attended.

There was live entertainment with a band playing Greek dance music all night. I didn’t understand a word they said (“It’s all Greek to me”) but it sure did add to the festive atmosphere.

The ice cold red table wine from Greece was flowing as we dined on authentic Greek salad, pita bread with tzatziki sauce (a yogurt, cucumber & dill sauce) for dipping, dolmathes (cooked ground beef and rice wrapped in grape leaves and drizzled with lemon juice and spices), spanakopita (phyllo dough with a spinach and feta cheese filling), and tiropita (phyllo dough with a sharp Greek melted cheese filling). We were so full after that we never made it over to the gyro tent or to the taverna where they were serving up marinated lamb chops with Greek fries.

We finished off the night with some Greek coffee and a dessert called loukoumades, which is that culture’s version of fried dough balls. They are then drenched in a honey and lemon sauce and we added ground cinnamon on top. Just about every culture has some version of this confection.

A pretty much perfect evening on the first official weekend of autumn that we spent dining, chatting and people-watching. Can’t wait until next year’s event. “Opa!”


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