We’re celebrating 100 years of magic with Disneyland® Resort!

96.3 KKLZ wants to spread the joy of Disney by sending you to Disneyland® Resort for a celebration of a lifetime! Take a ride on the new Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railroad, enjoy Wondrous Journeys, a new nighttime spectacular, celebrate the return of the Magic Happens Parade and watch World of Color-ONE, which honors the 100-year story-telling legacy of Walt Disney.

For more information about Disneyland Resort® and reservations, please click here. 


Listen to The Mike & Carla Morning Show, Wendy Rush and Larry Martino to find out what hour KKLZ will wave the magic wand! Once you hear the magic wand sound, you need to call 702-739-9636 and be caller #100!

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