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Valentine’s Day 2020

How to Show Love (Without Being Uncomfortable or Awkward)

Valentine’s Day is here again, and expectations are high when it comes to displays of affection. But for many us, our attempts at being romantic feel awkward and fake. “I Love You So Much” may not breeze out of our mouths naturally and a poorly executed show of emotion can be worse than no show at all. So let’s look at some creative ways to show affection that can make a lasting impression…. Don’t use the word “love” if you can’t Many people will expect the word to be used right out the gate when a relationship hits the “love” level.  Even if you are comfortable with reaching this level, you may have a difficult time saying the word love. So don’t. Tell them you want to tell them that you “love” them but the 4 letter word doesn’t even begin to describe it. “I want to tell you ‘I love you’ but it doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about you…..” You can also reach for other vocabulary that may include: devoted enchanted infatuated cherish worship that may be easier to say…. Also telling someone that you are in love with them flows a little smoother than I love you, taking the directness out of the equation. Valentine’s Day: The Least Liked Holiday of the Year A picture is worth 1000 words Don’t worry if you are inept at painting, sketching or doodling. Fortunately, your camera phone can make amazing art…. IMAGE FROM BUSINESS INSIDER And if you’re light on creativity, the internet offers tons of content that you can personalize and give to your betrothed. IMAGE FROM MINDBODYGREEN.COM Write a small poem (or borrow one) Poetry helps take the pressure off anything, except for those who can’t write it. So don’t try to be a Whitman, Frost or Dickenson…be you….and make it simple and sweet! My world was lonely, cold and dark until you brought it light I love you more than words can say you make my heart beam bright…… ugh that’s mushy huh….let’s try another….. Roses are Red Violets are Blue I can’t write poetry But I do love you ok, so if poetry isn’t your thing, we have one more option…. How to Give the Perfect First Kiss Gifts Tokens of love do not have to be big or expensive (if you found the right partner).  So any of the following can go along way…. a bottle of wine (with their name on the label) a playlist of their favorite songs a song dedication to them over the radio a stuffed toy a book a gift certificate a funny knickknack/ desk calendar puppy No matter what you do, honesty is the best policy. Not telling someone you love them because you are afraid can be tragic if you both are meant to be. So sometimes explaining your timidness and how you want to express your feelings and can’t may be all they need to hear. Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day! Article written by Dr. Daliah.

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