Every NFL Schedule Announcement Video Ranked

We don't know when it happened, we don't know how it happened... but it happened. Creating the perfect social media splash with a (usually) funny and (usually) well produced video to get people talking about your team. The NFL schedule drop has become an arms race of creativity. Some of them have certainly been better than others... but when the Los Angeles Chargers released their anime video last year, they set fire to the league. Tons of burns and Easter eggs that would make the most ardent fan of the league giggle. Yes, gone are the days of posting a simple text filled image to Instagram. Now teams and their social media departments are in full scramble mode, creating theatrical and hilarious videos that poke fun at their competition (and themselves). It is all part of the never-ending journey that is the NFL. When the season ends, the combines begin. When those end, the draft begins. When that ends the schedule is released. When that's released, before you know it, camps begin and the season is underway soon after. Some teams mail it in a bit, but sometimes even the most basic video are the funniest. This year's video from #31 probably took the least amount of time to make, but created the most buzz. You could scour the internet by your lonesome, trying to find every team's best efforts to see who reigns supreme... or you can just click through this page and see them all. We did the hard work for you and watched all the videos... for better or worse. They can't all be winners (just like the NFL season itself) but some are certainly more funny and creative than others. So, without further delay... Take a look at the best NFL Team's schedule announcement (in alphabetical order by city)...

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