NASA In Nevada, Mission To Put First Woman, Person Of Color, On The Moon

It's been five decades since NASA was at the Nevada National Security Site. But they're back. For an exciting mission. NASA is calling it the Artemis Moon Mission. And it's the most aggressive NASA mission to date. One of many goals of the mission is to bring both the first woman and the first person of color to land on the moon. As part of a community of long-term lunar explorers called the Artemis Generation. NASA wants to establish an ongoing presence on the moon. Both to explore more of the moon's surface than ever before, and to collect as much information as possible ( Mars or bust. According to a video on the NASA website, the ultimate goal of the Artemis Moon Mission is to prepare to travel to Mars. The video indicates Mars is the next natural step in space exploration. And that explorers need to learn more before they can establish a community on another planet. And a community is exactly what they intend to build on the moon for the Artemis Generation. Instead of individual lunar missions, like those of the past, this mission is an ongoing one. For this, NASA will build the Artemis Base Camp on the moon, which will host the new group of explorers for a long-term stay. Mission goals. Some goals of the mission include learning how to build a spaceship in deep space, as well as perfecting the art of travel to and from surfaces in space. Beyond that, the Artemis Moon Mission aims to do something bigger. To figure out how to make humans thrive in an environment of partial gravity. They'll do this in part by building fission power plants on the moon, finding water for drinking, and refining water to use as a fuel and oxygen source. So the Artemis Moon Mission is picking up where the Apollo Mission left off in the 1970's. Training in Nevada. The Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) is the location for the Artemis training program. NASA will use the site in Nye County to train the new astronaut candidates. According to the NNSS website, the site has the largest and deepest craters in the world. It also is home to the Icecap Tower in Yucca Flat. These terrain features are so close to what is found on the moon's surface, it's the best place to train astronauts for the upcoming moon mission. The NNSS posted a video on YouTube showing what the training will look like at the training site. NASA's goal is to build the Artemis Base Camp and inhabit it with explorers by 2025. - Wendy Rush, 96.3 KKLZ [select-gallery gallery_id="417808" syndication_name="moon-landing-53-years-later" description="yes"] Follow us! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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