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17 Thanksgiving Activities For The Family (That Aren’t Football)

Thanksgiving is officially upon us, as hard as that is to believe. Feels like this year has flown by! For some lucky people, Thanksgiving day means back-to-back football games, endless snacks, and long naps. For the less fortunate, it can mean hours and hours of trying to entertain family and friends. If you're in the second boat, you're probably going to need some ideas to keep those guests happy. That goes tenfold if you have little ones running around. Hosting a holiday get-together is never easy. Of course, you can always just let the kiddies run amuck and destroy your house while you're trying to get a turkey out of the oven. But all that screaming and chaos isn't exactly the best atmosphere for trying to multitask in the kitchen. So, it's best to have some activities on hand for when the crazy gets out of control. If you're a board game person, you probably have a plethora of those laying around, which is always a good plan with large groups. Or there's always the fall back of binge-watching Netflix. But why not mix it up for the holiday? Do something different? Something that's uniquely Thanksgiving? Thanks to PureWow for hooking us up with some ideas for family fun on Thanksgiving. We took some of our favorites from their list to share. These activities are so much fun for the family, they might just become a new tradition. Don't worry football lovers, you can still watch the game. These ideas are for youngin's and...oldin's, I guess, alike. Make a plan to stop by the craft store and do a little prep work a few days before Thanksgiving and you'll be all set. You might even have people talking about your party for more than just the food. –Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ Las Vegas

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