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How To Virtually Travel For Thanksgiving

If you want to travel for the holiday season, but coronavirus still has you worried about leaving the house, consider virtual travel. It's a safe way to "get away" and have a fun experience with the family on Thanksgiving. Here are a few ways to do it. Jet Set Around The World With Discover Life Discover Life is a company that lets you "experience the world live, like you are there." As the website states, they virtually transport customers to place all around the world. They state, "Our tour guides call you by name, know your interests, and share their local expertise on history, culture, architecture, and cuisine. You revisit favorite destinations or explore new ones. Under the care of our handpicked, highly qualified guides, who are trained in virtual travel, you create lasting memories, as if you are there in person." Virtual tours are available for Venice, Paris, Florence, Rome, Milan, Giza, Luxor, London, Lima, and more. Visit A Beach Snowing heavily where you live? Forbes has a number of travel guides where you can virtually explore different beaches. Our favorites are the Wailea Beach Resort tour in Maui, the Cooper Beach live feed in the Hamptons, and live cams that show the Miami beaches. See The Seven Wonders Of The World After Thanksgiving dinner is over, pack your bags and virtually see the seven wonders of the world. Panoramas has various tours to choose from. Their website states, "View them all in 360-degree interactive panoramas from internationally known panorama photographers." They also offer various tours around the USA, various countries, and even the moon.