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Some people just cannot nap, however for those that can, we actually have the perfect day and time to take a nap! On The Mike & Carla Morning Show, we are all good nappers for the most part. The hours we keep dictate that. Getting to the station at about 3:30am and some times not leaving until about 2:30-3pm.

If you ask your family and friends, most will tell you that there is nothing like a good cat-nap in the middle of the day. Especially as you get older…Mike O’Brian is a prime example. He can sleep anywhere for about 15-20 minutes…and has! Any thing longer than that, we all know you wake up more tired than when you first laid down.

“I wish I could nap, but I just can’t!”

According to an article published by SWNS regarding the perfect time to nap, it seems to be in the middle of the week. The article goes one step further in that over 25% of workers can’t get through the week without a nap…at WORK!

The study was done by talking to over 2000 workers who mostly agreed that the best day to nap was on a Wednesday. To get even more specific, it was at about 9:39am. That’s like right after getting to work! Well, waking up, getting dressed and the commute can really take it out of ya!

In the article, it does show how naps have become a must for a lot of people. Even when they say they can’t or won’t take them. We all know those people, “…oh, I can’t nap in the middle of the day…I’m just not a good napper!”

While that might be true, it was also noted in the study that over a third of those surveyed said they actually have fallen asleep at an event. All due to the fact that they couldn’t sleep at night! In the end, it just means that we all need more sleep…whenever we can get it!

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