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People shame others for a lot of things. However, we thought it was quite funny to find out that Carla Rea actually got shamed for her toothbrush! It’s the oddest thing right? Well, That’s what The Mike & Carla Morning Show thought. But to hear the story and how it all went down, it’s kind of silly.

It wasn’t like Carla had an old fashion toothbrush…it was just a different brand. And the person that noticed couldn’t believe she wasn’t using the more popular brand…thus begins the shamming!

Carla really got shamed for her toothbrush?

However, getting shamed for your toothbrush, is that the oddest thing you can be shamed for? Come to find out it’s not! When The M&C Morning Show opened the phone and text lines, it was amazing how many others have been judged for a lot less!

The big one was buying generic products as opposed to “name” brands. Hey, are they really that different? Don’t think so…so what’s the big deal. You gotta save money where ya can right? Who are we to judge, but when it gets right down to it, people do it.

Toilet paper was mentioned, tissues also made the list of “shame” as well as lesser brand names of booze! And doesn’t always come down to booze on the show. It was quite the list that we created and we’re sure there was a lot more. You might even have your own items that others have judged you on…who knows?

All we know is that whatever makes you comfortable and whatever saves you money and still gets the job done. It’s all about you and if you’re happy, then who cares what others think. You buy your stuff here and I will stick to buying my stuff at my store! Take a couple of minutes, listen to the segment…and enjoy!

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