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It happens more often than not, you’re in a relationship, but when breaking up, who ends up getting the dog? That’s what The Mike & Carla Morning Show was talking about this morning. Just needed to know how many others have gone through this? What happened? How did you work it out.

It was interesting to hear how couples that were breaking up handled this kind of thing. For the record, neither Mike O’Brian or Carla Rea have pets. So their interest in the topic was even more so, trying to understand the logistics of the who thing, However, Morty, the show’s executive producer, has a bulldog.

Morty even had a past relationship where the young lady got very close to “Squish”. But, there were lines during that relationship that Morty would not allow this woman to cross when it came to the pet. Lines that were very specific during and even after the breakup!

So when you do breakup, who does get the dog?

The M&C Morning Show even got some calls from those that did indeed work things out. It was all good, even after the breakup and everyone lived happily ever after. But it was one mother who called in to tell the story about her son’s “best friend”. He was in high school when they got the Fido and he dated the same girl all through high school. Yet, after the broke up and she moved, the animal clearly missed the girl

After about 6 months, the former sweetheart came back and the mom noticed how happy the dog was to see her. Not to the point where she gave the dog to the girl, but she would end up visiting the pet on other visits. Interesting that the young lady came back to see the dog and NOT the son!!!! Whatever right?

Well, it does happen…but it was also nice to get some legal advice in this matter. An attorney who handles such breakups called in to offer some good advice. All that and more included in the segment you can listen to below…and enjoy!

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