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September is jobs month! Right now just might be the best time to look for a job. According to recruiting guru on TikTok, September might actually be the best month to find a new job.

Several recruiters say hiring slows down over the summer, but then there’s a big jump in hiring right after Labor Day.


The hashtag #SeptemberSurge has gone viral on TikTok, with videos explaining the idea of a hiring increase that regularly occurs this time of year. This video in particular, and there is absolutely some merit to those claims, is being talked about in a really interesting article by Yahoo!News.

According to several recruiters, hiring slows down over the summer due to everyone taking vacation time off. But then companies get back into hiring mode after Labor Day.

Going into the holidays, it’s also time for businesses to start hiring those seasonal employees.

There are a lot more shoppers out this time of year, and businesses – mainly retail – bring on more employees to accommodate the heavier amount of shoppers that are out, and actually shopping IN stores, instead of online.

The vacation thing also happens again in November and December for the holidays, which makes September and October an ideal time to hire someone, as well.

Budget Season Could Mean Hiring Season:

The other reason is budgets. This is the time of year when companies are starting to budget for 2024. They are already looking at their goals for the rest of this year, and next. And that may include needing to hire new people. Yahoo!News reports there IS a hiring bump in September but January is still the busiest month for hiring in general.

Tips For Finding A Job:

Make sure your resume is up to date. Seems like a no brainer, but all of us are guilty of doing that only when we need it. But don’t find yourself rushing to remember that one job, where you did that one thing, that will really look good on your resume.

Have a LinkedIn profile and page, and keep that up to date as well. LinkedIn is a big help in the job search, and a great networking tool.

Apply early! Recruiters say that getting your resume and application in early means there’s a better chance of getting an early interview. Better to be interview number three, than number 300.

Good luck!

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