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Photo of a young ethnic male street vendor. He is pushing a snow cone street cart through a city neighborhood. The latter half of a red "Restaurant" sign over a building painted bright orange or yellow can be seen in the background as the young man walks through the empty parking lot.

Earlier this year, a new law was passed which paves the way for street vendors to become legal businesses. However, Las Vegas street vendors are causing chaos in some east side neighborhoods. In fact, residents in that area recently delivered some complaints to the Clark County Commission.

Las Vegas Street Vendors Causing Traffic Problems

At the present time, there is an area near Carey Avenue and Nellis Road on the east side of town that has become an illegal street market. That doesn’t sound like a terrible problem. But customers stop in the middle of the street to purchase food and other items. Traffic tie-ups in this area are very common.

According to an article by Jaclyn Schultz on, the problem is getting worse. Clark County officials have posted signs to try and put an end to the illegal street market. However, officials say vendors just remove the signs and get their businesses going again.

Moreover, complainants also mention areas along Charleston, Stewart, and Bonanza on the east side of town where street vendors regularly do business. The county claims they are trying to educate the vendors. Henceforth, they’re going to begin handing out traffic citations to street vendors who are operating illegally.

How Will The New Law Improve The Situation?

Generally, street vendors are hard-working people just trying to make a living. It’s not an easy life. All things considered, when the Nevada legislature passed a new law back in June 2023, the die was cast. Street vendors would soon be legal, and hopefully, respected and treated with dignity.

Furthermore, the new law calls on communities throughout the state to pass local ordinances by October. Basically, these ordinances must put specific street vendor rules and regulations in place. Additionally, they must also provide a pathway to getting a street vendor license.

The Clark County Commission would like to hear your opinions and concerns on the matter. In similar fashion, they would also like to hear from people within the street vendor community. To this end, they will be setting up a town hall meeting in September where you can voice your opinion.

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