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We always think, how does this stuff happen? Well here we go again, a woman accidently super glues her eyelid shut! Even the woman herself claims to be “idiot of the day”!

On The Mike & Carla Morning Show this morning, it came out that a woman thought she was grabbing one thing, but guess what. She grabbed the bottle of super glue instead!

“I can’t believe I super glued my eye shut!”

Thinking she was grabbing a bottle of her eyedrops, she grabs the super glue and applies it to her eye! There are so many questions here that M&C have about this whole situation.

First off, who puts super glue right next to the eyedrops? Whether its in the medicine cabinet or on your night stand next to the bed! And really, you don’t even look to see what you’re putting in your EYE?

Love the comment at the hospital when the girl asked if they had ever seen something like this before. “NOPE!” In all the years at the hospital, no one has been this stupid to come in with their eye super glued shut!

And, as The M&C Morning Show pointed out, not only does she admit her stupidity, but then puts it out there on social media! Double points for the young lady!

So all in all, the moral of this story is pretty simple…double check what you’re putting in your eye! Or at least, put the super glue in a place where it’s not accessible or near your eyedrops!

On the other hand, we do know that accidents happen. Carla Rea even explained how she was a bit confused when adding something to her hair. At least she didn’t video the accident and post it. But we do realize it happens.

Again, just be careful in the morning when you’re not quite awake yet. Or even when you’re tired and heading to bed…it’s dangerous out there! LOL!!!

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