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As we always do, getting emails with all types of situations…here’s one where a Henderson woman was told to cover up.  The Mike & Carla Morning Show got an email from a woman explaining situation and was wanting some advice. Now before your imagination runs away, let’s explain.

She is a “stay at home” mom who loves to layout by the pool…in her own backyard. She told us that she sports a bikini when she lays out and she’s very comfortable wearing it. Well, the other day, her neighbor came by to yell at her saying she should “coverup”! Kids are out of school and might see her.

“Cover up in my own backyard?”

Again, this is a woman laying out in her own backyard, minding her own business. So, The M&C Morning Show wanted to know if the neighbor even had the right to say anything?

The other point that was made on the show, living in the valley of brick walls, how are kids even seeing this woman? Okay, so it could have that gated backwall up against a park. Or maybe the kids in the neighborhood head upstairs in their house to catch a glimpse?

Nonetheless, it was easy to guess all the positive support this woman got from listeners this morning! A few even suggested that maybe the neighbor got busted sneaking a peek by his wife! And the wife told the guy, “…you better get over there and tell her to coverup!”

Most listeners said, her backyard, not bothering anyone, no one is getting hurt. Hate to say it, but the guy doesn’t have a leg to stand on! Anyway, listen to the segment, hear some of the texts and calls that came in.

You decide on what you would do if you were the neighbor. Or what should the woman do? Have fun listening and enjoy!

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