Anders Wikloff was driving in a thirty miles per hour speed zone, when he was pulled over by the police. Why? well he was actually going fifty-one miles per hour in the thirty miles per hour zone! Twenty-one miles per hour over the speed limit, definitely warrants a pullover and ticket!

The shocking part of this story isn’t his speed, it’s the amount of money he was fined! This ticket was a whopping $125,000! On top of that, he also had his drivers license suspended for ten days.

If you’re wondering why the ticket was so big, it’s not because he had a warrant out for his arrest or even drug related. Nope, it’s because he’s wealthy! In Finland, they base your speeding ticket off the offender’s income! The wealthier you are, the more your speeding ticket will be. This would definitely make me be more aware of my speed in Finland.

This wasn’t Anders first offense either. He previously got a ticket for $68,000 and $102,000!

We have more on this story and more in today’s Other News!

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New Car Feature Stops You From Speeding

Should cars have a feature that prevents you from speeding? Wait, what?

If you’re someone with a “need for speed” you probably won’t like this idea at all: The National Transportation Safety Board is trying to get car manufacturers to add a feature that would prevent people from breaking the speed limit.

Cars have had what are called “governors” for a long time.  That’s where you can’t go over a specific top speed.  But it’s usually pretty high – around 155 miles an hour.

The new feature that is being talked about uses GPS to pinpoint where you are, check the speed limit, and prevent you from hitting the gas, and going over it. New York City is testing it out with 50 government vehicles.  If you hit the speed limit, an alarm goes off.  Or the accelerator just cuts out until you slow down – which seems really dangerous.

There’s an override button that lets you speed for 15 seconds in case you need to merge or meet the flow of traffic.  But that’s it. What about when you have to pass someone?

The National Transportation Safety Board is NOT trying to force car companies to do this right now.  But they have talked about wanting the government to start incentivizing them with things like tax breaks, and insurance breaks.

I suspect MOST people WON’T like the idea.  However, I think there’s a very good chance all new cars WILL have it someday, whether we like it or not.

In this girl’s humble opinion, these are the REAL annoying things cars should prevent drivers from doing

  • Spraying the person behind them with wiper fluid!

    Windshield WIpers

  • Having a "Calvin peeing on the logo of a team they don't like" sticker!


  • Leaving the "eventual turn" signal on for half of the state you're driving through!

    Turn Signal

    Red & White Tail Fins From An American Ninteen Fifties Automobile

  • Blasting Maroon 5 for all to hear! (I mean...)

    Adam Levine

  • Making your passengers listen to Maroon 5! (Oh come on - it's MAROON 5!)

    Loud speakers

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