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If you’re ever going to take anyone’s advice on what to eat, and what not to eat on a plane, then flight attendants should be your number one source for that info.

I found an article on written by Anna Rahmanan in which she interviewed several flight attendants. She wanted to find out which foods and beverages they avoid on a plane. Most of them bring insulated coolers with their own food from home. That way, they’re not eating food that’s already been cooked, and then heated up for service.

The Number One Food To Avoid On A Plane

Per Rahmanan’s article, the number one food to avoid, is actually a beverage. Avoid tap water and beverages made with it on a plane. Coffee, tea, and any drink with ice cubes should be avoided.

Why? Apparently, it’s because each airline varies in how often they clean the tap water pipes. Bottled water is fine. The flight attendants did point out that most U.S. airlines are pretty good about cleaning those pipes. But, they weren’t too confident foreign airlines are as careful.

Other Food Items To Avoid On A Plane

The article explains that it’s not a great idea to order steaks and fillets. These items have already been cooked, and probably, overcooked. Then, they get heated up again for service on a plane.

Other lunch or dinner items are high in sodium and salt, and you may want to stay away from those items too. It’s already difficult to remain hydrated in the atmosphere on a plane. Salt, alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea will all increase your chances of becoming dehydrated.

And, they also mentioned the cheese trays. Why? Because these types of products on a plane are shelf stable. They don’t need to be refrigerated. So, they’re filled with preservatives.

Your Go-To Foods On a Plane

So, what do the flight attendants interviewed for Rahmanan’s article recommend instead? Whole foods such as veggies and fruit. And, if you don’t like to drink bottled water, they recommend coconut water to stay hydrated on a plane. Electrolyte tablets work for you too.

Hope this helps you enjoy your next flight a little more. Bon appetit!

9 Things I Refuse To Travel Without

If there’s something here you decide you just must have, we’ve provided links to the product websites.  When you click on the link and make a purchase, Beasley Media Group may earn a commission. We are an Amazon Associate and earn from qualifying purchases.  


As someone in their mid to late twenties, I’ve found myself traveling a lot this year for the first time on my own. Up until this point in my life, much of my travel has been with family or even a partner. But I’ve come to the very clear conclusion that I absolutely love traveling on my own. It’s very liberating to not have to worry about the six other people trying to get through TSA behind you.  

But realistically, traveling, whether alone or not, can still be stressful. I’m constantly worried about my packing situation. Did I pack enough, did I forget my charger, do I have my meds and vitamins, etc? But the more I travel the more products I’ve found that actually have made my life a million times easier.  

So, because I know Spring Break is underway and summer vacations will be here before you know it, I decided to give you my comprehensive list of products I refuse to travel without, aka travel essentials. Some of these will be great for both air and car travel too so make sure you read ahead. 

  • 1) Travel Packing Cubes

    This is the exact set of packing cubes I use, and trust me when I say I’ve converted many of my friends to them. If you like to pack a little bit more on the bulky side these will be your best friend. Many of my vacations border on close to a week. For me, that means I’m thinking about more than 7 outfits because you never know what can happen. These packing cubes not only help you fit more and condense them in your bag, but they also become a great game of real-life Tetris. My luggage has never looked so good! This 7-pack set comes with 3 bags just for clothing, a bag for your shoes, one for laundry, and a toiletry wet bag which I am very grateful for! 

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 2) Clear Makeup Travel Bag

    You may be laughing now, but yes my luggage has a theme and that is beige. Just wait until you see the rest of the items… but on a real note, these items all tend to come in a variety of colors. This clear makeup bag is great though. While I try to avoid taking a bag of cosmetics or any liquids in general through TSA sometimes you want to save money. And this clear bag is great for TSA. Plus it tends to hold a lot of products which is something I’m always thinking about. 

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 3) Makeup Travel Case

    While we’re on the subject of makeup, for all my makeup lovers out there I used to get so annoyed at all the times my brushes would get bent out of shape or even dirty when I put them with my other makeup. Sometimes, on the occasions when I wouldn’t wash my brushes before traveling, my case got dirty too. This has been the solution to the madness. This is a very nice silicone makeup brush travel case. It has a magnetic clasp in the middle so it holds all the brushes nice and close. Plus, it fits a large number of brushes. I easily could travel with all of my essentials and still have some room left to spare. 

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 4) Makeup Sponge Case

    In addition to my brushes, I’m a makeup sponge girlie. That means I’m also worried about the sponge getting gross and dirty. Again, enter the solution to my problems! This silicone case much like the makeup brush one is perfect for my sponge. It holds the sponge in safely and it also provides air flow so that the sponge can dry out. I really love this product and it’s definitely made traveling with makeup a lot easier the last few times.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 5) Medication Pill Organizer

    While I’m not opposed to the standard Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday pill cases I also like something that allows me to add blister packs to it which is why I got this one in the first place. There are multiple compartments that I find perfect for storing my pain relievers from my vitamins, and a large compartment that fits a blister pack of pills very easily.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 6) Carry On Tote

    This is the carry-on tote that dreams are made on. I love the Beis Weekender Bag, I think it’s so cute, but it is incredibly out of my budget. So I went on the hunt for a great dupe and I found this. While it may not have all the fancy bells and whistles the Beis bag does, this carry-on tote can hold a lot. I have personally fit 8 books, my laptop, my kindle, many chargers, scrunchies, hair clips, and a 40-ounce metal water bottle into it just for the plane ride. And you may be thinking, wow that’s a lot, and the answer I have for that is “absolutely.” Wayyyyyyyyyyy more than the average person probably would carry, but if you need a quick bag for carry-on or you’re doing just this bag for your whole vacation it will work for your need. It even has its own wet bag so if you need to store shampoos or conditioners, you won’t get the whole bag soaked with product. And one more amazing thing… it also has a little side pouch that allows you to fit it on top of your rolling suitcase. 

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 7) iWalk Portable Charger

    I never go anywhere without this. My phone does not hold a charge as long as it is used it. And so I’ve had to get creative. Whenever I’m traveling, I’m usually listening to audiobooks or podcasts and that can take up a lot of battery. So I’ve had to have an on-the-go charger. This one is great for iPhone users. It’s compact and works really well I’ve had great success with it. 

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  • 8) 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

    Now, I’ve also found this great alternative if like me you’ve also managed to get some nice earbuds and a smartwatch. This 3 in 1 charger is collapsible which is super helpful when traveling, and it will charge all three devices at once. If you’re traveling long distances and will be on your devices quite a bit this will be a good item to have on you.

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  • 9) Memory Foam Neck Pillow Set

    And my ultimate “I refuse to travel without this” item is this memory foam neck pillow set. Not only do you get a very comfortable neck pillow, but the set also comes with a pair of earplugs and an eye mask. You can drown out the noise from the plane very easily with these and just relax (as best you can) until you reach your destination. I have found this is very comfortable for the car as well, as long as you’re not the one driving! 

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