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Nowadays, it’s a familiar situation with blended families, but one mom has a problem with her daughter calling her stepmom “mom”! An email into The Mike & Carla Morning Show wanted to know if that would bother anyone else. To have your kids call someone else “mom” or “dad” just because they married your ex?

It was quite surprising to find out the tally was a split decision by most. Of course, Mike O’Brian was the best to respond to this on the show being married four times. Being involved in the lives of his two daughters from the beginning, Mike saw why the mom would have a problem with it. Just as much as his two girls don’t call Jodi “mom”. As he put it, “…they have a mom and she will always be their mom!”

“Hey, would it be okay if I called you mom?”

Even Carla Rea found herself siding with the mom of the two daughters. According to many of the listeners texting in, it depends on the situation. And that it does…given the texts coming in and even those on the phone.

One listener, Brad, texted in siding with the father in the situation. Well wasn’t that special for “Brad”? Until Brad called in to backup his opinion with the fact that he was in the same situation and found nothing wrong with anything. Those that found nothing wrong, using the word “healthy” quite a bit. Saying it was “healthy” for the dynamic of the family overall.

Both M&C were like “what?” Hey, in the end, you just have to do what you do to keep everyone happy in the entire situation. If that truly makes everyone happy. As O’Brian said, “…since I paid for the wedding and the open bar for three hours, I will always be your DAD!” LOL!

But seriously, in the end, both Mike & Carla agreed that it was just their opinion…agree or disagree. Listen yourself to see what you think!

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