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As much as we all love Taylor Swift, come to find out that “Swifties” are wearing diapers and experiencing memory loss! That’s what came up this morning with The Mike & Carla Morning Show. Fans are wearing diapers so they won’t miss one thing during the concert! Bathroom breaks? No time! Maybe grab some food or a beverage? Not on your life! Hey, makes sense if you think about it…you spend $750 or more on a ticket? You’re not going to want to miss anything!

So the question was thrown out there, if you decided to wear diapers, what artist would be “diaper” worthy? Don’t laugh, there are a few out there that even as adults, we would actually consider it! Heck, maybe even some of our favorite artists might think about wearing them! Those rockers that can go on for three, four hours. Bruce Springsteen came up as well as the Eagles…famous for long shows!

But then it was noted that many Taylor Swift fans were having trouble remembering the concert experience! According to an article in Time, scientists say that you might just be too excited to remember it. Can you imagine that? A concert that you were so excited to be at is the reason you can’t remember it!

You spend all this money for a ticket, transportation, food and drink and afterward, your memory is a “Blank Space”! LOL! See what we did there? Nonetheless, interesting stuff on The M&C Morning Show that you have to hear. And given a chance, think about that artist that you would be willing to wear diapers to see. Listen, at our age, most people are already wearing them anyway…why not to your favorite concert?

Just remember, if you’re going to see Taylor Swift, keep calm and pace yourself so at least you have some memory of the evening. For a lot of us, there might be other reasons as to why we can’t remember that one concert…but that’s another topic for another time!

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