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It’s already happening in New Zealand as a test, but Las Vegas prepare to get weighed before you fly! The Mike & Carla Morning Show wanted to know what Las Vegas thought about this idea. It’s not here yet, but you can be sure it has a chance of happening. Weighing passengers before they board their next flight. Like luggage, New Zealand Airlines is just making sure how much weight is on each flight.

According to one load control improvement specialist, “For customers, crew and cabin bags, we use average weights, which we get from this survey.” But it begs the question, why start this now? What happened? Was there an incident where weight was a problem? Why would someone suggest all of a sudden, “…hey, just a thought, we should start weighing passengers just to be sure!”

“I’m sorry, you have to weigh me before I get on the plane?”

With that said, would you take offense to stepping on a scale at the airport? Now keep in mind, it’s nothing like say, downtown at the Road Kill Grill where it flashes your weight on the big screen! Actually, no one will really see it. The data gathered on the scale will be submitted to the “survey”, but will NOT be seen on an agent’s screen.

Passengers will still have to weigh their luggage on a similar scale, but it will be weighed separately. So your weight will be stored anonymously that way no one will no your actually weight. Still, with all that, The M&C Morning Show wanted to know how Las Vegas felt about this…and they weren’t too happy.

Some listeners even brought up, what if you’re pregnant? Let’s be clear, that’s not your real weight right? Others brought up different scenarios that all but told the story of how this is NOT fair! It’s a slippery slope, but if you want to listen to the entire segment, here it is!

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