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Not sure how many times you’ve had to say, “sorry dude, clearly I got in the wrong car!” As it turns out, it happens more than you think! In fact, someone tried to get in the car with Carla Rea! Until the guy realized it was the WRONG car!

That’s why The Mike & Carla Morning Show started talking it about this morning. The good news, it seems the guy could not apologize enough! After being dropped off by a friend to get a haircut. He saw a car that looked a lot like the one that dropped him off. Trying to open the door, it totally scare the hell out of Carla! But she did notice he had a nice haircut! So there’s that!

So, The M&C Morning Show put it out there…has this ever happen!ed to you? Whether it be you getting in the wrong car or someone trying to get in your car. Sure enough, listeners were lightening up the phone lines and texting in!

Uh excuse me, wrong car mister!

Now keep in mind that this can happen a certain number of ways. But not surprised how many listeners came clean this morning. Especially when it came time to rat somebody out!

Oh yeah, quite a few people talked about watching a friend or family member getting into a wrong car. Oh it’s hilarious until it actually happens to you! You have to know the reason behind this happening more and more. A lot of cars are starting to look alike for one. And with so many cars in a lot, it can be confusing.

What is funny, is the stories of others getting into another car and you’re just sitting there watching it from your car! These are videos that would truly go viral.

Well, if it has every happened to you, listen to the segment from this morning. Know that you are not alone…and enjoy!

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