When we go to the Zoo, we’re going to see our favorite animals that we’re not usually gonna see out in the wild. But did you know that the animals love it when we visit them too?

A study done out of England shows which animals are happy to see us when we visit, as well as the animals that are not as happy to see us! Before we dive into it, you’re probably wondering why info like this matters? Well the next time you visit you can plan to see the animals that are going to be more appreciative you’re there!

The study done included over 250 different species. Majority didn’t care much if we visited. But which animal is the most happiest to see us?  Elephants! When people visited them, they were active and were said to be less bored when big groups of people showed up.

Penguins, Cheetahs, Prairie Dogs, Cockatoos, Grizzly bears, and Polar Bears were all also happy to see people visiting them! They all were more active than normal.

Now the animals that hate to see us? Ostriches absolutely hate visitors! They were not active at all when groups of people stopped by to visit them. Reptiles, Hedgehogs, and Kangaroos also not too happy to have visitors.

Now before you completely write these animals off your list when visiting the zoo, researchers say to not hold it against them. They say the enclosures these animals are in could play a big part in their mood.

We have more on this story and others in today’s edition of a Few Things We Think You Should Know.

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Where Nevada Ranks With Attacks By Wild Animals

Living out in the deserts, you have to wonder where Nevada ranks when it comes to people being attacked by wild animals. The Mike & Carla Morning Show started talking about this the other morning. All started with story about a young lady tubing on a river headed toward an alligator. First off, it’s good to know that the state of Nevada is not even in the Top 10!

According to a recent article put out by Outforia,  there have been no recorded deaths of attacks by wild animals in the states of Delaware, North Dakota or Rhode Island. No reports over the past two decades! Not really sure where the Silver State ranks, but considering all the wild life, fatalities are very low.

The difference between Southern and Northern Nevada!

Of course living here in Southern Nevada, it’s a little different than what hikers see in Northern Nevada. Oh sure, we have the occasional coyote, even mountain lions have been spotted wondering around. The one huge difference might be the appearance of a black bear! However, encounters with these and other wild life end in death.

On the other hand, bears are listed at the top when it comes to attacks by wild animals. Followed by sharks, snakes, alligators and mountain lions. Okay, so Nevada does have three out the five animals listed, so the warning is just be careful!

With all this considered, you might be a little surprised by what states rank in the Top 5 when it comes to deadly attacks. The good news is that Nevada is ranked near the bottom of this list. Maybe because we all know and stay away from those animals that can do us the most harm!

The states that made the Top 10 might surprise you. States like New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan…all in the Top 10! You can hear which states made the Top 5 or just scroll down to see…and enjoy!

Top 5 States Where Wild Animals Attack:


    Well, if you think about it, Tennessee is know for their mountain like country, so there is bound to be wild animals roaming around. With that thought in mind, the Volunteer State comes in at #5 on the list of most likely to be attacked by wild animals!

    Welcome to Tennessee sign at the border

    benkrut via Getty Images


    Not to be confused with their neighbors to the south. North Carolina is a surprise in the Top 5. But with that said, there has to be reasons as to why. So if you’re traveling their some time soon, just be careful! It’s #4 on the list!

    A sign welcoming tourist to the state of North Carolina

    albertc111 via Getty Images

  • #3 FLORIDA

    The state of Florida comes in at #3. Not surprised at all. Sunshine, beaches, the ocean, lakes just means sharks, alligators and more! Florida does have a lot to offer, just be careful next time you’re down there!

    Welcome sign going into the state of Florida

    wellesenterprises via Getty Images


    It’s the same as Florida when it comes to wildlife, but add in the mountains of Northern California with black bears, mountain lions and more. No wonder this state is #2 on the list!

    Welcome to the great state of California

    wellesenterprises via Getty Images

  • #1 TEXAS

    This one was a but of a surprise. When it comes to wild animal attacks, Texas is #1? But when you look at the stats that over the past 20 years, close to 600 people have been killed by wild animals in Texas, it’s shocking. Especially when you see that California at #2 has only had less than 300. But, there ya go….so when you hit Texas, keep your head on a swival!

    Welcome to Texas sign at the stateline.

    benkrut via Getty Images