A twenty-year-old man was arrested in Australia for assaulting a police officer! He didn’t use his fists or a weapon. He used his hamburger!

At 3:45 a.m., officers on patrol when a burger came flying out of nowhere! It struck the officer in the face! The man had walked up to the police patrol car and threw the burger through vehicles open window! The twenty-year-old then took off running!

After a short food race, the man was caught and arrested. He is being charged with assault and will have a court date next month. As for the reason for his actions, he had none. Just seemed like he wanted to do it?

We have more on this story and other weird and wacky stories in the Other News!

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In-N-Out Has The Second Healthiest Fast Food Cheeseburger; See Number One

Here it is, the “healthiest” fast food cheeseburger out there! Believe it or not, there are some fast food cheeseburgers that are healthier than others. Keep in mind, we’re not talking the “best”, but these are the healthiest. This is what The Mike & Carla Morning Show started talking about this morning.

According to a story from Gambling.com, they took the time and decided to rank fast food cheeseburgers. Considering thing like calories, fat, sugar and even sodium per ounce. So taking all these things into consideration, they came up with a list of the “healthiest” cheeseburgers in the fast food biz!

What’s The Healthiest Fast Food Cheeseburger?

Now we can tell you that some of the cheeseburgers you would think would be near the top are not. For instance, McDonald’s didn’t even crack the Top 5. As much as everyone in Las Vegas craves a cheeseburger from Five Guys, they didn’t make the Top 5 either.

We have to say that when you head out to a fast food place, right off the bat, healthy is NOT top of mind. You’re all about the taste, the flavor, how juicy it is when you take that first bite, These might be other things to consider when looking for the best, but remember, it’s the healthiest.

With that in mind, fast food burgers that did not make the top five? We already told you McDonald’s didn’t and neither did Five Guys. Carl’s Jr was another favorite that didn’t make the Top 5 as well as Dairy Queen. Known more so for ice cream, ever since moving into the food business, a place people do stop for a cheeseburger.

Last but not least, Burger King did not fair well in this research. Listen, nothing against any of the places mentioned in this post, because we all have our personal favorites. Listen to what The M&C Morning Show had to say about all this from this morning, then scroll down to see the Top 5 healthiest burgers in the country!

The Top 5 Healthiest Cheeseburgers


  • #5 DEL TACO


  • #4 CULVER'S


  • #3 RALLY'S






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