A 55-year-old grumpy Georgia man named Roger Barrett was arrested because he stopped and blocked a school bus full of kids!

Roger said he thought he saw a kid flip the bird to his wife, so he got in front of the bus and parked his truck to stop it from moving. He wouldn’t move until he got the name of the kid and the kids home address!

Roger never made it on the bus but the driver did call his supervisor, who then called 911!

Some parents showed up to film the incident. Roger was nowhere to be found when the police arrived, because he decided to leave. Roger was later tracked down and arrested. He was charged with interference with the operation of public schools!

We have more on this story and other weird and wacky stories in today’s Other News!

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Things We Were Amazed To Learn Later In Life

There are some things we all should just know. But what are those things that we were all amazed to learn later in life…to the point of being embarrassed? Be honest, we all have one or two things we just found out about. On The Mike & Carla Morning Show, that was one of the topics this morning.

So, what were those things that you were amazed to learn later in life?

The first to come clean was Mike O’Brian mentioning the box of aluminum foil. Didn’t realize until just a couple of years ago that at the ends of the box, you punch the hole in so the roll stays in the box! Seriously! Not until late last year did someone bring that up as a “hack” that O’Brian admitted he never even knew that existed!

You got to love the guy who texted in about counting “1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi…”. Born and raised in Mississippi, he thought when other kids counted, they used whatever state they were in! Have to admit, it makes sense right? Not until he was a bit older and moved to another state did he find out everyone used “Mississippi”!

One woman claimed that she really didn’t know where olives came from. If you’re a martini drinker, this might be a very important fact. That they indeed just grow on trees. Believe it or not, you can actually go up to a tree and pick them!

Others mentioned words…for example, a lot of people thought a person could fall into “acoma”! It’s not “acoma”, it’s “a-coma”…two separate words! How could you NOT know that? However, a lot of people thought “astigmatism” was two words! NOPE! it’s one word, spelled just like it sounds. It can be a little tough keeping all these things straight!

But what some of the other things that people didn’t know until later in life? You can listen to the segment to find out or just scroll down to see what we’ve listed…and enjoy!


    That no one knows you’re in a porta potty unless you physically lock the door. A light just doesn’t magically appear, you actually have to lock the door so the sign reads “Occupied”! Again, one of those things you learn later in life right?


    hkuchera via Getty Images


    This was a new one to a lot of us, but some people thought Mick’s last name was “McJagger”! That he was known for only his last name like Sinatra. Or just one name like Elvis, Cher, or even Adele! But no, his name is MICK JAGGER!

    Mick Jagger

    Roy Rochlin via Getty Images


    While watching “Game of Thrones” a woman asked her husband when dragons went extinct? Uh, what? Yeah, had to think about that one for like a second! But, you see, now she knows! Or was she just pulling his leg?


    Warpaintcobra via Getty Images


    Food was a big topic when talking about those things we didn’t learn until later in life. Pickles came up…a lot of people didn’t know they came from cucumbers! Huh, imagine that…and now you know!


    merc67 via Getty Images


    To be honest, not surprised on this one…that whole milk is around 3% fat. Some people thinking that it was 100% fat, so if you saw 2%, why wouldn’t they just do like 50% or something. All good questions, up until you find out the truth right. All things we learned later in life!

    Carton of milk

    Burke/Triolo Productions via Getty Images

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