In New Jersey, they’re getting tired of the rowdy parents at their kids Little League games! We’ve all seen the videos on line of parents yelling at the umpires. Some parents take it to the next level. Some run on the field and get in the faces of the umpires. Well they want to put a stop to it!

NJ Little League is implementing a new rule, if a parent starts being rowdy and out control, they will be forced to leave the game and not be allowed to return unless they become umpires!

The parents will need to umpire three games themselves in order to return to the stands as a spectator. The parents don’t want that responsibility, so they’re toning it down at the games.

League officials say 99% of the parents are now following rules and not arguing with the umpires, who volunteer to do the job!

This rule should be a nationwide implemented rule for all of the country! Do you agree with this? We have more on this story and other weird and wacky stories in today’s Other News!


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7 Things Las Vegas Should Know About The Oakland Athletics

So the Oakland Athletics have signed a binding agreement to buy land to build a ballpark in Las Vegas. But before we go any further, we give you seven things you should know about the Athletics if indeed they move here.

Now keep in mind the agreement they signed just says, “yes”, we agree to buy some land in Las Vegas that we might build a ballpark on it. And maybe, if we build the ballpark, we might move and play there!

It’s all apart of a long process on moving a professional sports franchise from one market to another. The land they are talking about is located at W. Tropicana and Dean Martin Drive. A little less than 50 acres of land that would be the site for this 35,000 seat ballpark.

If you think about what used to be there, you remember the Wild, Wild West Gambling Hall & Casino? Well, that was one of the establishments included on the site. Across the street, a row of fast food places that includes McDonald’s, Jack In The Box and more. Cha-ching for them right?

Well who knew this corner lot would be worth a little over $1 billion someday? Station Casinos did, that’s who thought it would be worth $1 billion! Maybe that’s why they bought the Wild, Wild West Gambling Hall & Casino 

The Wild, Wild West Grambling Hall & Casino opened in 1974 on that corner and closed last September. Formerly known as the King 8 Hotel & Casino, Station Casinos refurbished the place in 1998 only to tear it down 24 years later.

So this land deal is pending, however, it does increase the chances of the Oakland Athletics moving to Las Vegas. So with that in mind, here’s a bit of history about the franchise. Find out 7 things we think you should know by scrolling down…and enjoy!


    The franchise was born in 1901 in Philadelphia. Managed by Connie Mack for the first 50 years, they won the World Series in 1910, 11, and in 1913. Then won it again back to back in 1929 and 30!

    Philadelphia Athletics

    Ezra Shaw / Staff via Getty Images


    In 1955, the team made the move to Kansas City. Motivated by money, the owner at the time never really saw the success the team had in Philly. The closest they got to a winning record was in 1958 when the A’s went 73-81.

    Kansas City Athletics

    dk_photos via Getty Images


    In 1968, the A’s once again pick up stakes and make the move the Oakland. Playing the in the legendary Coliseum, the franchise win 3 consectutive titles in 1972, 73 and in 1974. After being sold, but remaining in Oakland, the team wins 3 consecutive American League Pennants and the World Series in 1989.

    Oakland Athletics

    JulyVelchev via Getty Images

  • #4 "MONEYBALL"

    The movie “Moneyball”, starring Brad Pitt, is based on a true story of how Billy Beane changed the way management ran baseball on the field. Attaining players for what they could do during a game as opposed to the high salaries and star power. Bill Beane is still with the organization to this day.

    Moneyball-Brad Pitt

    Chung Sung-Jun via Getty Images


    As a franchise, the Athletics own 9 World Series trophy’s since there inception back in 1901. They won it back in 1910, 11 and in 1913. Then back to back titles in 1929 and 30. In Oakland, winning the World Series in 1972, 73 and in 1974, Then again down the road in 1989!

    MLB World Series Trophy

    Carmen Mandato via Getty Images


    The Athletics as a team has 37 players in the Baseball Hall of Fame! Former major league pitcher Goose Gossage just one of many that are enshrined in the Hall of Fame representing the Oakland Athletics playing with the team in 1992-1993.

    baseball hall of fame

    Jim McIsaac via Getty Images


    The team was named after a “gentleman’s club” in Philadelphia where the franchise originated. Back in 1860, there was a amateur team that took the name “Athletics” and it just stuck…so there you have it!

    The "Athletics"

    Ezra Shaw via Getty Images

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