A DoorDash diver from Mundelein, Illinois thought a simple donut delivery to a customer would be quick and easy. This delivery was anything but!

The delivery man pulled up to the customers home to deliver the donut order, but ended up plowing into the customers garage while delivering the donuts to her. The DoorDash employee hopped out of his car but forgot to put the car in park! The car immediately drove forward into the garage when he removed his foot from the brake.

Now instead of admitting he did it, he hopped back into his car and took off! Not only did the customer not get her donuts, she now has a damaged garage. The Mundelein woman has spent over a week trying to get answers from DoorDash, but hasn’t been very successful. You’d think that DoorDash would help resolve this quickly, since they know who the driver is, their info, and insurance info, but apparently it’s harder than you think to get answers from the delivery service.

The woman has filed a police report on the incident with security camera footage of the whole thing happening! Hopefully she get’s answers soon!

We have more on this story and other weird and wacky stories in today’s Other New!

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7 Hacks To Make You Hate Laundry Less

Did you know April 15th is National Laundry Day?

It seems there is a national day for everything. And our dirty clothes are no exception. It falls on the same date as tax day. Is it because we run to do this chore to give our brains a break from entering all those W-2s? Hey, whatever is going to get our clothes clean, right?

But National Laundry Day isn’t just a day to celebrate clean clothes.

According to nationaldaycalendar.com, National Laundry Day is actually a day to encourage people to take a good look at their laundry habits. Furthermore, it pushes us to pass on good habits to our kids. I’d settle for kids knowing how to do laundry at all these days. I’m looking at you, mid-20s guy who still lives with your mom.

So why do we hate doing laundry so much?

I can think of two reasons: First, it’s boring. Who wants to sit there doing the same mundane motion for at least ten minutes? And, if you have a kid who just refuses to flip their clothes right side out before throwing it in the hamper, it’s even longer. There’s a reason “laundry list” is said to describe something long and tedious.

Second, it feels kind of self-defeating. It’s the same illogical punch to our brain that making the bed is. The clothes will get dirty again. There’s no end. That makes it hard to justify spending precious energy on.

And back in the day before the invention of the washing machine, washing clothes could at least be counted as exercise. Scrubbing those threads on a washboard was not easy. I bet those gals had some pretty decent biceps doing that. These days, there’s not much incentive to do laundry. You know, minus the whole looking-respectable-in-public thing.

But there are ways to make laundry a little less wearisome. And even, dare I say, enjoyable. – Wendy Rush

  • 1. Hang clothes up right out of the dryer.

    Women's clothes hanging in row on white coat hangers. Many clothes hangers on portable clothing rack, minimalist wardrobe

    Get a portable hanging rack and hangers waiting next to your dryer. So when those shirts come out still warm and unwrinkled, they go directly on a hanger. This prevents you from having to iron as much, gives you a place to keep the hangers ready to use, and cuts your folding time in half. Because half of the laundry is already done when you dump it out on the bed to fold.

  • 2. Flip clothes right side out before throwing them in the hamper.

    A pile of bright clothes isolated on white background

    My little one suuuuuucks at this. She is ALWAYS throwing her clothes in the hamper inside out, which doubles my folding time. Teach your kids (and get into the habit yourself) to take a second to put the clothes right side out before they go into the wash. You’ll be SO grateful when laundry day comes around.

  • 3. Get separate hampers for cold and hot washes.


    Two fabric laundry baskets with dirty clothes in the boiler room, standing next to the washing machine.

    Some people will separate their whites and colors, which is also good. I tend to only wash linens and underwear in hot water. I don’t know, something about the germs. But however you need to separate your laundry before you put them into the washer, do it when they come off. Have separate hampers for separate loads and you don’t have to do that work on laundry day.

  • 4. Entertain yourself while folding.

    Women folding laundry on the telephone

    Set aside a special show, audiobook or music to listen to while you are folding. Or use the time to catch up with a friend or family member on the phone. If you look forward to your folding time, it won’t seem so much like a chore.

  • 5. Make it a game.

    Mother and kids in laundry room with washing machine or tumble dryer. Family chores. Modern household devices and washing detergent in white sunny home. Clean washed clothes on drying rack.

    My daughter HATES laundry with a passion. So when it’s time for her to fold her clothes, she’ll do anything to avoid it. The complaining gets less frequent when I make a game out of it. Either we’ll give ourselves equal piles of clothes and race to get them put away. Or we’ll put on music and say we have four or five songs to get the whole thing done. Either way, it’s fun and we’re done before we know it. Give it a try!

  • 6. Alternate loads according to folding difficulty.

    Colorful folded towels stack on laundry table.

    Wash your loads of clothes in an order that makes it less cumbersome when it comes time to fold. I’ll sandwich a load of towels between two loads of regular clothes. That way I get a bit of a break between loads because the towels are quick to do. It really does make a difference.

  • 7. Have a separate hamper for things you need more often.

    The laundry hanged out of a balcony with an orange sport shirt with number 12

    If you or your kids have a uniform for work or school, or if there is a particular pair of jeans or leggings you wear more often than others, if them their own hamper. Call it the “attention whore” hamper, or something that makes you smile. You know that load of clothes is going to need washing more often than others. And you’ll have it in one place instead of having to dig through their hamper for their uniform 20 minutes before the bell rings.

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