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Maybe it’s something Las Vegas should consider…homes for sale should offer FREE food! It clearly worked in Idaho! A couple looking for a house to buy saw the for sale sign with an interesting offer. So what happened, the couple buys the home based of the offer of FREE tacos! Who would have thought right? $200 in FREE tacos if you buy this house and just like that they put in their offer.

So, given the choice, what food would entice you to buy a home? That’s what The Mike & Carla Morning Show wanted to know this morning. Mike O’Brian kept it simple and said hot dogs! Nothing beats a good hot dog and if they throw in FREE dogs, even better. Carla Rea thought a good steak dinner would be nice. Then opted for a nice Italian dinner party.

Morty on the other hand thought tacos were good enough, but pizza came in a strong second! So that was the question this morning and what did other listeners think? You might be surprised on how many people actually thought this out.

One guy mentioned Capriotti’s as a HUGE selling point on a home. Hands down a big selling point if the seller was offer FREE Capriotti’s. And then one woman went totally the opposite way with donuts! But there was an exception to her buying the house with the offer of FREE donuts.

All in all, we come to find out that if the incentive is food, home buyers are more apt to look. As strange as that might seem, and it does, throw it out there. When all is considered, what do you have to lose right?

Not sure if you’re the one looking or buying, but after listening to the segment this morning, it’s something you might want to keep in mind. And living in , you do what you have to do to get what you want!

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