A man from New Jersey was riding a motorcycle when police saw his vanity plate that read “BENDOVER” Police found it a little suspicious, so they decided to pull him over.

Justine Miranda, 20-years-old didn’t pull over, he decided to speed away from the cops. Miranda led the police on a chase, running red lights and stop signs.

Miranda was eventually caught when he crashed the motorcycle! Yes, the vanity plate was fake.

A few people were injured in the crash but none needing medical treatment. The only one sent to the hospital was Justine.

He was charged with felony fleeing for “high speed/wanton disregard” try to flee from the police. He may also be convicted in New Jersey because records showed he was a fugitive on the run for a parole violation!

We have more on this story and other weird and wacky stories in today’s Other News!

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Does Las Vegas Have The Worst Drivers

There are a lot of people from all over the country here, maybe that’s why everyone thinks Las Vegas has the worst drivers in the country! It’s a melting pot, a cornucopia, a mish mosh of all sorts of people trying to get around our city. With that said, everyone has a tendency to drive like where they are originally from!

But in a recent study Clevermove.com surveyed 50 major cities throughout the country. Despite what you might think, Las Vegas did not even come in the Top 10! Based on the criteria that included insurance premiums, drunk drivers and highway fatalities, you should know that Las Vegas didn’t even crack the Top 25!

That is the good news…however, where did Las Vegas ranked when it came to the cities with the worst drivers? Hold on to the steering wheel because despite what we all think and know, Las Vegas came in at #30 on the list! That is totally amazing…especially after surviving today!

On the flipside, most Americans think that the state of California has the BEST and the WORST drivers in the country. New York City has the fewest drunk driving fatalities and our friends in Detroit pay the highest insurance premiums.

So as you drive throughout the day in our wonderful city, keep your head on a swivel. Not sure if the stats actually indicate day to day driving in the city. We think a lot of Las Vegans would tell you that the drivers here are CRAZY. Much more, they just don’t know how to drive.

But what cities officially have the worst drivers? Ah, for that list, just scroll down and check it out. As you look at the Top 5, remember, you can see the entire list clicking HERE!

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    Never been, so we can’t really say, but clearly they have a few bad drivers. Or at least enough for this celebrity laden city to be at #5 when it comes to the worst drivers!


    monkeybusiness via Getty Images


    This former Super Bowl city has enough going on it seems, but driving is not one of them. There must be a reason why this wonderful city by the bay is at #4 on the list!

    Tampa, Florida

    dk_photos via Getty Images


    Are you starting to see a trend here? Well, if you’re not keep track, this is the second city from Florida making it into the Top 5 of Cities with the Worst Drivers! It might be the home to Disney World, but clearly people drive a little “goofy” there!!! LOL

    Orlando, FLORIDA

    dk_photos via Getty Images


    Not sure what is going on in the Blue Grass state here, but according to the stats, people who drive in Louisville are the second worst drivers in the country!

    Louisville, Kentucky

    dk_photos via Getty Images


    Winner, winner…the envelope please! It’s Jacksonville, Florida! The city with the worst drivers in the country. Thank you J’Ville for making Las Vegas feel good about itself!!! Congrats! Now try and drive a bit more careful now!

    Jacksonville, Florida

    zimmytws via Getty Images

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