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Baseball and bat on a ball field

Well, it’s finally here…the opening day of baseball, but can you actually afford to go to a baseball game nowadays? The Mike & Carla Morning Show started talking about baseball this morning and how expensive it is now. Heck, even Spring Training is starting to add up and considered expensive!

If you think about it, there are 2,430 baseball games in a major league season. Every team will host 81 home games . . . so you would think tickets would be pretty cheap right? Guess again! According to a recent article, the average baseball ticket will cost you about $35, but that’s depending on the team.

For example, going to see the Yankees or the Boston Red Sox, the average price goes up to about $60 or more. Arizona or Miami, you might be able to save a few bucks on the average ticket price. And if you take a family of four, things start to add up!

After paying for your tickets and getting through the gate, the average fan will spend about $51 at the ballpark. You start buying food and drinks, beer and other alcoholic beverages,  team merch and more…cha-ching!

Also found out that for no reason at all, 26% of those surveyed just hate the New York Yankees. 11% feel the same way about the Boston Red Sox…yet only 4% are still upset that the Houston Astros cheated when they won the World Series a few years back!

If you’re a baseball fan of any level, you can check it all out in the segment from this morning. On the other hand, our Las Vegas Aviators begin the season up in Reno. The Aviators are back in town for their home opener on Tuesday, April 1st at Las Vegas Ballpark. It’s all in the scouting report from this morning. So put me coach, I’m ready to play!


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