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It’s hard to believe it’s been half a decade since the deadly Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting.

What should have been a happy music festival turned into the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. 58 people were killed at Route 91 and another two died later from the injuries sustained that day. An additional 850 or more were injured.

The biggest question for Las Vegas locals, and even nationwide, was why. Why did an unknown person premediate such a massive attack? And at a music festival that should have left people with happy memories. Stephen Paddock died on site at the Mandalay Bay that day, so he couldn’t tell us what his motive was.

Now the FBI has released new reports that might be able fill in some of the missing details.

The reports paint Paddock as a very anti-social person. 8newsnow.com reported that he wanted a solid fence built around his home to prevent people seeing him. He always wore gloves and refused to shake hands with people. He was fascinated with the Oklahoma City bombers. And he believed Hitler was a good man.

Paddock was also a high roller gambler. On average, he would visit the Tropicana Hotel every three months and gamble for hours. Sometimes as many as 18 hours in a row. His favorite game was video poker. In September 2017, about two weeks before the Route 91 shooting, Paddock lost $38K at the Tropicana, Fox News reported.

Sources say Paddock was also very upset about how the casinos were treating him.

The FBI documents indicate that, according to a fellow gambler, the casinos used to reward high rollers with gifts like cruises or hotel suites. And in the recent years they cut back on those. The source revealed that he believes this alone was enough to make Paddock snap (8newsnow.com).

Also reported was an account of Paddock requesting a specific room reservation at the Tropicana during the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The room was not available.

Foxnews.com reported that Paddock had a bankroll of between $2million and $3million and that he had been previously banned from at least three casinos in Reno.

In a press release, LVMPD said the FBI documents released did not provide a conclusive motive, and discourage people from speculating on a motive, as it would cause further damage to the hundreds of victims of the shooting.

– Wendy Rush

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