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We see “Help Wanted” signs all over the Las Vegas Valley these days. Then why does Nevada have the highest unemployment rate in the U.S.A.?

Worse yet, Las Vegas has the highest unemployment rate in the Silver State at 6%, followed by Reno and the Carson City area. According to an article written by KTNV Staff on, Nevada’s unemployment rate for February 2023 leads the nation at 5.5%, followed by the District of Columbia and Oregon at 4.7%. Which states have the lowest unemployment rates? That would be North Dakota and South Dakota, who are tied at 2.1%.

One would think that now that all of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns are behind us, and our city and state are fully open to tourists, that the unemployment rate would decrease. However, numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that our state’s unemployment rate has not changed since January of this year. Furthermore, the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) reports that there are over 70,000 unemployed people in the Las Vegas area. Per the article, that is 1,221 more unemployed residents than January 2023, and over 11,000 more unemployed individuals than February of last year!

So, with all of these statistics in mind, why do you think our state has the highest unemployment rate in the nation? Do you think it is because we have such a high transient population? Do you think it is because more and more people move here from high income tax states without securing employment first? Do you think it is because most of those “Help Wanted” signs that we see are for low-paying jobs and most folks are holding out for higher paying employment?

DETR officials believe that except for the leisure and hospitality industries, every other sector of the job market now employs more people than before the pandemic. Let’s hope our unemployment numbers improve in all sectors of our economy in the very near future.


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Larry Martino is the long-time Afternoon Drive personality on 96.3 KKLZ. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of Larry Martino and not necessarily those of Beasley Media Group, LLC.

The 5 States With The Worst Work-Life Balance

On Monday, I posted an article which ranked the top 5 states with the best work-life balance in the nation. Many were surprised to learn that Nevada ranked third! If you work your tail off at your job and you don’t have much leisure time, then you probably did not agree with that ranking.

However, those were the facts according to an article written by Assaf and posted on They analyzed data provided by the 2021 American Time Use Survey. Per Assaf’s article: “To qualify, respondents had to be employed, report time working, and have been interviewed about weekday activities. States with five or fewer respondents—Alaska, Delaware, and South Dakota—were disqualified.” I guess the people in those states did not have much leisure time to respond to a phone or online survey.

Anyway, here’s how they came up with their rankings. They determined the average number of hours people in a state spent working. Surveyors gathered information such as the amount of time spent at the job, the time spent working from home, and travel time to and from work.

To determine the average number of hours respondents spent on leisure activities, surveyors gathered information on relaxing, socializing, playing sports, exercising, recreational activities, and the time spent traveling to and from social and sporting events.

Once they came up with the average number of hours worked by the respondents in a state, they divided that figure by the average number of hours spent doing leisure activities to come up with a final “Work-to-Leisure Ratio.” And, that’s how they finalized the rankings.

Incidentally, the number of hours we sleep was not included in the “Work-to-Leisure Ratio” rankings. However, the survey did determine that respondents in most states surveyed reported getting eight or more hours of sleep per night. If you would like to review the full report on, CLICK HERE.

So, which states have the worst work-life balance? Let’s see the results!


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Larry Martino is the long-time Afternoon Drive personality on 96.3 KKLZ. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of Larry Martino and not necessarily those of Beasley Media Group, LLC.

  • 5) New Mexico

    Colorful Navajo Blankets in New Mexico

    Assaf’s article reports: “You’d think the Land of Enchantment would have an enchanting amount of leisure time, but New Mexico came in as the state with the fifth worst work-life balance. Residents work an average of 48 hours per week, have 2.53 hours of leisure per weekday, and sleep 8.1 hours per night.”

  • 4) Rhode Island

    Newport, Rhode Island Bridge Sunrise

    Check out his interesting fact from the report: “Rhode Islanders spend more time on the job than anyone else on our list, with an impressive 51.2 average work hours per week. They seem to carve their leisure time (2.66 hours per weekday) from their dream time, as residents report an average of only 7.32 hours of sleep.”

  • 3) Tennessee

    Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains National Park Scenic Sunrise Landscape at Oconaluftee

    I have had a few friends leave Nevada for this state recently, but here’s what Assaf’s article says: “While working as many hours (44.55) as those in the state with the worst balance, Tennessee residents appear to prioritize relaxing over snoozing. They still get enough sleep (8.01 hours on average), but squeeze in a few extra minutes of weekday leisure time (2.26 hours) than do Idahoans.”

  • 2) Iowa

    Close-up portrait of cute little child eating boiled yellow sweet corncob in green Iowa corn field outdoors.

    Iowans work even more (48.92 hours per week) than Idahoans, but they also find a little more time for leisure (2.44 hours per weekday). Although state residents report a respectable 8.24 hours of sleep per night, their poor overall work-life balance earns them second place on our list.”

  • 1) Idaho

    Closeup shot of yellow freshly picked potatoes in a field in Idaho

    Our neighbors to the north are workaholics apparently. The article explains: “No one reports less free time than Idahoans, with an average of 1.98 hours of leisure per weekday. Residents of the state with the worst work-life balance spend an average of 44.52 hours per week on the job, but at least they sleep a solid 8.47 hours per night.”

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