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If you look at your driver’s license or you visit the doctor and they ask, “how much do you really weigh?” Are you honest? The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought up that very question this morning. How much do you really weigh?

Now, we all know that we might fluctuate a few pounds under or over. But the one test The M&C Morning Show brought out was, look at your driver license. Is that really what you weigh now? How far off is it? You under or over? Well, everyone on the show was a little off!

In regards to Executive Producer Morty, going through treatments for cancer, every time he goes to the doctors, he’s cheating. No longer needing to step on the scale, it’s the honor system, but he does admit to shaving off about 15-20 pounds!

Asking Carla Rea how much the average woman shaves off their weight, she said 10-15 pounds as well. On the other hand, Carla decided her weight for the remainder of her life. Which clearly most woman do!

But, what if they actually put you on a scale, how close would it be to what you think you weigh? Mike O’Brian tells the nurse at his doctor’s office that shoes, clothes, wallet adds about 25 pounds! We really don’t think they buy it!

One woman who called in was about 100 pounds over having gained weight over the years. But now she tells her doctor, when asked to step on the scale, “I’m allergic to scales!” That’s pretty good…not sure if that works or not, but “E” for effort right?

Hey listen, it’s all relative to age, height and what you’re comfortable with. Who are we to judge right? But if you’d like, take a couple of minutes, listen to the segment. You just might be in the same group as all of us on the morning show!

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