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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 25: An Amazon delivery truck drives past Amazon's JFK8 Staten Island fulfillment center in Staten Island on March 25, 2022 in New York City. Workers at Amazon's Staten Island fulfillment center will be holding in-person voting over the course of the next five days on whether to unionize. If it succeeds, this could be the first U.S. union in Amazon's 27-year history. A union reelection at the company's Bessemer, Alabama, facility will also close today after a nearly two-month voting period by mail. (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

We all know how great Amazon is about their delivery! Prime Members especially, with the two day shipping or even same day shipping! And we also know how well the Amazon delivery staff are! They make sure your package is delivered no matter what! Here’s one example of the lengths they’ll go to make sure the customers packaged is delivered and satisfied!

In North Carolina, an Amazon delivery driver showed up to a blocked off street to deliver a package. There was an active police standoff with an armed hostage-taker!

The neighbors immediately pulled out their phones when they saw the Amazon delivery driver show up and try to walk to the front door of the home! The driver was immediately met by a member of S.W.A.T. and they took the package to from him. What makes the video more funny is the driver turned around to take a “confirmation of delivery” photo for the owner!

Sadly the standoff ended in a death, but there’s one thing that did happen properly, the package was delivered!

We have more on this story and more in today’s Other News!

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