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Just listen to the music clip and see if you can figure out who the mystery artist is that’s still performing. The Mike & Carla Morning Show gave a couple of clues, but when it came right down to it, they didn’t help. It’s definitely from the 80s and it rocks. Believe it or not, the artist gave up that rock dream. As it turns out, he actually made it singing ballads and love songs.

Before we tell you who the “mystery artist” is, this was the question this morning. Were you that person that started down one path only to end up doing something else? You had it all planned out but something happened. For some reason, one thing or another happened and just like that you find yourself in a totally different career.

For Mike O’Brian, radio is all that he wanted to do since he can remember. Listening to the radio growing up, going to school for radio and when that didn’t work out, pursuing his dream a different way. Ultimately though, he’s ended up doing what he always wanted to do…lucky him right?

Carla Rea, same thing, with her father in the entertainment biz, she as well wanted to follow in his footsteps, only doing comedy. Having toured, ending up on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and still going strong, but it was radio that she fell into.

But there were some listeners who could relate and, despite not following their original dream, ended up in a good place. Including the guy who went to school to be an English professor. Was going to school and had it all planned out. Nest thing you know, he’s taken over the family biz and living happily ever after.

Or the guy studying to be an architect and ended up being Zorro with The Chippendales! So all the planning in the world, you just never know. Oh, by the way, the mystery artist…listen to the segment below and find out who it is!

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