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Gene Simmons and his family bought a home in the Las Vegas Valley in May 2021 to escape the high taxes in California. And now, he and his family have sold their Las Vegas home for $11 million dollars because they did not care for the summer heat in Southern Nevada. 

According to an article on, the Simmons family purchased the mansion, and the lot behind the property, for a total of $10.8 million dollars less than two years ago. He and his family planted 137 trees on the property and put in new floors throughout the home. So, all in all, they have put a lot more money into the property than they are receiving in the sale. But don’t worry. They own homes in Whistler, British Columbia, Malibu, California, and two houses in Los Angeles.

According to articles on and, Simmons was very dismayed after the 2020 elections with the amount of taxes he was paying in California. During interviews around that time, he also complained about living in Southern California, being on celebrity maps and celebrity bus tour routes. His grown children, Nick and Sophie, had moved out of their big home into nearby homes of their own. He was looking for a quieter, less “taxing,” lifestyle here in Southern Nevada.

Unfortunately, according to reports in,, and The Wall Street Journal, his family really did not want to move here. He told TMZ: “They’re not gonna put up with the heat, and down the street, there’s strippers and stuff like that. They don’t wanna deal with any of that.”

If you would like to take a video tour of the Southern Nevada mansion Gene Simmons just sold for $11 million dollars, CLICK HERE.


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