Who doesn’t love ice cream? What if it was free? Today’s your day! Dairy Queen is celebrating the first day of Spring with a free cone!

All today, you can swing by your local Dairy Queen and pick up a free small cone! But there’s a catch, not all locations are participating. Non-mall locations will not be participating, so if you have DQ in your area that’s a stand alone location, hop in that drive-thru and get your free cone!

Of course while you’re there, it wouldn’t hurt to get yourself some lunch. Then the cherry on top of your lunch at DQ today would be that free small cone! There’s also some rules you need to follow. It’s just one free cone per person. Also it’s while supplies last. Believe it or not, they do run out of supplies, so make sure to get to DQ sooner than later!

If you’re not sure if there’s a DQ in your area, click HERE to go to their site to use their location finder!


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National Ice Cream Cone Day; Top Places In Las Vegas To Celebrate

Today is the day we celebrate “National Ice Cream Cone Day” and there happens to be a few places in Las Vegas where you can celebrate. Being the end of summer, what better way to celebrate that with a huge scoop of your favorite flavor.

The Mike & Carla Morning Show was looking for some ideas of where to go right here in Las Vegas for some good ice cream and there wasn’t a shortage of places in the valley that boast some pretty good ice cream!

Now of course we have those chain ice cream places, but we we’re looking for those places that stand out, those hidden gems in Las Vegas that only a few people might know about. Hoping to spread the wealth, The M&C Morning Show came up with a list and even though they might not be well-kept secrets, these are definitely the places you might want to stop by sometime this afternoon in celebration of this very special day.

As The M&C Morning Show talked about it this morning, there were a few names that popped up that we weren’t familiar with…like “Sorry, Not Sorry Creamery”! Located at 9484 W Flamingo Rd that features quite the menu of cold delights. The other place that came out of nowhere “Secret Creamery” which we come to find out is more about the sweet treat than the place itself. However, if you check out their menu you will see they are clearly big fans of the Vegas Golden Knights!

One that got more than one mention just happens to be next door to 96.3 KKLZ right here on South Durango and that’s “Bruster’s Real Ice Cream”! Well, if you are going to have a next door neighbor, that’s a good one to have!

All in all, there are quite a few places that offer the refreshing taste of your favorite scoop year round in our fair city…so, you might want to take the extra effort to engage in a traditional ice cream cone! Listen to the segment from this morning and see if your favorite spot gets listed…if not, let us know!

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