You know the rules of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The Second rule of Fight Club is you DO NOT talk about Fight Club? Did you know a similar law and rule applies to that beer label you held in your hand?

There’s one mysterious man who actually approved that label! Just one single man! Not much is known about him except that he’s the guy who will give the thumbs-up or thumbs-down on that label. In the beer world, he’s beloved and also hated. Why? It’s because he could be the one who makes or breaks your beer!

He goes by the nickname “Battle” but his real name is Kent Martin. Martin works for the Tax and Trade Bureau. It’s a part of the Treasury Department.

Every brewery or brewer has had to deal with Kent and he has no time to play favorites. If he doesn’t believe the label makes sense, he will deny it and move on! Martin is always talked about by beer lovers and brewers constantly. The stories that come from his approval or denial of their beers happen all the time and at all times of the day!

Beer companies and brewers take pride in their labels of their beers. It’s almost a work of art for them, so when it’s denied, it’s gut wrenching for them. But why is someone like this necessary? It’s basically him censoring the labels to make sure they make sense, don’t lead people astray, or offend anyone.

We have more on this story and more in today’s edition of a Few Things We Should Know!


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Beer You Can Only Find In Vegas

It’s National Beer Day! Today we celebrate one of the oldest libations in the world. The gift that came from some lazy person leaving his barley out in a bucket too long after a rainy night and a week later exclaiming “this is delicious!”

Okay, that’s probably not exactly how it happened.  But beer has been around a long time. Some say as long as 13,000 years. And this wise old concoction deserves our respect.

Some historians say beer helped build civilizations because builders were paid for their work in beer. If we could only pay our mortgages with it.

Beer brings people together, helps us unwind at the end of a long day, and…if you went to a party school like I did…made for many an interesting night in college. So let’s raise a glass of brew in celebration of this historic day.

And what better city to celebrate….pretty much anything…than our fabulous Las Vegas? Did you know, we have a ton of locally-owned and operated breweries here? Let’s keep the love here at home by celebrating National Beer Day, Las Vegas style. Here are a few places to consider.


    Located on the corner of Desert Inn and Durango is SBC restaurant and sports bar. This is a fabulous place to watch those VGK games. They’re big supporters of our local teams. Their menu is AMAZING and they have a brewery on-site. Check them out at



    An award-winning microbrewery right under our nose! These guys brew their beer on-site, and their blends have won awards at both the Great American Beer Festival and The World Beer Cup. CBC is open 24/7 and located in Village Square near the corner of Ft. Apache and Sahara. They have an extensive food list with everything from 24-hour breakfast to, of course, Chicago-Style pizza. Check them out at


    First things first. These guys get bonus points for their fun name. But that’s not where their greatness ends. They were the first microbrewery in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District. Their atmosphere is very chill, their bar is very cool, and their selection of beers is very unique. They also have a patio that makes for amazing seating when the weather is good. They have two taprooms, the one in the Arts District, and another in Tivoli Village and they welcome vistors to both. I love that they list what they’re pouring right on their website. See if one peaks your interest:


    Another award-winning brewery, these Las Vegas-born craft brewers are passionate about beer. Just northwest of Downtown Las Vegas, Big Dog’s offers the perfect balance of your favorite core brews and surprising new concoctions on the regular. They also have lots of events, including live music and karaoke. And when you drink at Big Dog’s, you’re supporting a local company that supports our local charities. Get details at


    These guys dub themselves “community-minded craft beer”. Meaning they are passionate about building our local beer community, and they do so with educational events and showings. They have two locations: Henderson and Downtown Las Vegas. Both of their taprooms are open to the public. Check out their live music or their “Trivia and Tacos On Tap” nights. Visit them at