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Can you imagine driving along and all of a sudden seeing a plane making an emergency landing on a freeway? Well, people do say that weird stuff does happen here and it just happened over the weekend. While low on fuel, a small plane made an emergency landing on the northbound lanes of US 95 near Skye Canyon Park Drive.

According to Channel 3 News, it was early morning, around 7:30am when the small plane had to make a quick landing. The aircraft was identified as a Diamond DA-20 registered out of Henderson, Kentucky. Only two people were in the plane…the pilot and passenger.

Luckily no one was injured in the incident. The area was closed for only a few minutes while Las Vegas Metro and Nevada Highway Patrol sorted out everything.

For the longest time, people thought that our highway system was actually developed for such cases back in 1956. Dwight D. Eisenhower, known as the “Father of the Interstate System” never imagined it would be used as a landing strip. Although it’s rare,  this is NOT the only time a plane has landed on a city street or highway.

It’s happened many times over the years and done safely! When in doubt, that would be the first thing a pilot would look for when in trouble. Not the best alternative of course, with cars being involved, but you do what you have to do.

Of course this was a smaller plane, can you imagine seeing a passenger plane doing the same thing? Although there is no law against it, luckily it has never happened. Only a military plane has accomplished the feat in Michigan during a training exercise.

So just remember, as you drive around the Valley, not only keep your eyes on the road, but in also in the skies. With a few smaller airports in Henderson and in North Las Vegas, you just never know.

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