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While St. Patrick’s Day is #1 for drinking beer, believe it or not, that’s about it when it comes to celebrating a holiday! Think about that for just a minute…with Super Bowl, March Madness or even 4th of July. When it comes to drinking beer, green or not, St. Patrick’s Day is the one holiday we drink the most beer! But that’s about where it ends.

Now we might drink the most beer on St. Patty’s Day, but it’s the third most popular drinking holiday overall. Believe it or not, we drink more during Mardi Gras and even New Year’s Eve! Kind of hard to believe isn’t it? The Mike & Carla Morning Show thought they’d throw out a few more stats regarding March 17th.

For example, the average person will spend about $44 on celebrations in regards to St. Patrick’s Day. To Morty, that was a little low…but Carla Rea thought it was quite high. But if you think about drinks, food and green hats, you might actually spend that much, if not more.

How about the fact that 31% of us will actually take the time to prepare a special meal on St. Patrick’s Day. Whether it be corn beef and cabbage or Irish favorites like lamb and bacon! Depending on if you eat at home or plan to make a night of it at your local Irish pub!

And last, but not least, 88% of us would  love to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland! To celebrate in Dublin seems to be a dream of a lot of us, now whether the people of Ireland would like that, not too sure. In fact, The M&C Morning Show had audio of a guy from Ireland talking about what it’s like there during the 17th. He was not very happy about it…but celebrate, be careful and enjoy.

If you can, take a couple of minutes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with M&C by listening to the segment below!

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