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We all love Mexican food, but the question this morning, find out what the secret is behind the sizzle in fajitas? The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought this up because Carla Rea never really knew!

Come to find out that The M&C Morning Show were the only ones that didn’t! In fact, when we asked for those to call in that might know, the phone rang off the hook. After finding out , Carla was actually a little let down. She truly thought it was a special sauce or seasoning that made them seem really hot coming out of the kitchen.

Confirmation came in from a few people that had worked and/or managed a Mexican restaurant and they confirmed it. Before we reveal the secret, to know that you can throw whatever you want on a fajita. But for safety sake, they all use only one thing.

With that said, you the server is safe and you get the same effect for the “WOW” factor when your order comes out. Just know for years that both Carla and Mike O’Brian were in the dark when it came to this. Heck, even if you didn’t order a fajita, with all the sizzle and smoke, you left smelling like you did.

So next time you go out for Mexican food and you’re up for ordering a fajita, just now there’s a lot more smoke than mirrors! And don’t think there aren’t enough great Mexican restaurants to try here in Las Vegas! Our city has a great list of place throughout the valley.

In fact, Carla has a suggestion, that if Juan really want to have “flaming fajita’s”, he might want to add some tequila! Not sure if they’re gonna go for that, but you never know. Listen to the segment…and enjoy!

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8 Best Mexican Restaurants In East Las Vegas

East Las Vegas is a central hub for all things flavor. If you live in the 89101, 89015, 89121 or anywhere around that area you know what we’re talking about.

Summerlin is cool and Henderson is nice but East Las Vegas is really where heart, love and soul come into play. Many outsiders see run down streets and old buildings but behind the cosmetic imperfections lives a part of the city that thrives on culture. A large part of the Latin X community live on the east side which sources family recipes and hidden gems.

The restaurants in the area know how to cook up a mean plate of food. From carnitas tacos, flautas el paso, carne asada and some of the most refreshing aguas frescas. What’s also impressive is the amount of food that these restaurants serve. They don’t skimp on the meats or sides.

Not all but many of the restaurants stay open late catering for those night time hunger cravings. Check local listing times for any updates or changes.

Customers are valued which is why these restaurants stay in business and have continued their success on the east side. We also want to mention that many of the places listed are fair with their prices. It won’t cost a whole pay check to eat at any of these restaurants.

Vegas is one of those cities where you can drive past a business without ever realizing who or what they’re about. Residents of the area understand the struggle of getting their name out there for the masses.

Each of the Mexican restaurants below were rated on Google with a 4.2+ in star ratings. Each of the eateries that were chosen have at least 200 or more reviews.

We wanted to highlight the businesses below that are known for making people smile. We hope you enjoy.