Gear heads listen up! If you have that car you want to show off to the world, or the state of Wisconsin, then you need to head to the Nude Car Show happening in August!

The event is taking place in a village near Madison. It’s exactly what the name says! You can look at some really nice cars, and you don’t have to wear any clothing to do so! Yup, clothing is optional for this entire event!

The annual event happens on August 12th at the Valley View Recreation Club, located in Cambridge, Wisconsin! The event will take place over four days! The club is a nudist club where clothing is optional. They offer nude volleyball, pools, and more! They’re even hosting a naked mile run and body painting! Ladies, if you play volleyball, they will also hold a naked volleyball tournament as well as co-ed naked volleyball tournament!

So if you’re feeling like being one with nature, cars, and more, while sporting your birthday suite, head to Wisconsin this summer for the Nude Car Show!

We have more on this story and other weird and wacky stories in today’s Other News!

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Do You Snore? Here's Hacks To Help You Stop

Some people are lucky and don’t snore. Or if they they do snore, it’s very subtle. And there’s people like me who apparently snore really loud. Sadly, we really don’t know how bad our snoring is until someone tells you.

If you’re like me, you want ways to stop your snoring and avoid things like CPAP’s or masks. A recent survey was done and it showed that 56% of people said they snore or have a partner who snores. The other 54% of people polled said they tried hacks to minimalize their snoring while asleep.

There’s no real way to know if any of these hacks actually work or if people have had real success using these hacks.

Of the people surveyed, on average, a person would spend $40 a month to improve their snoring. They also said they would spend about $340 if it meant it would stop their snoring forever.

17% of the people surveyed said they spend money or seek medical help to stop their snoring. 61% say that they may try certain things to stop their snoring but have come to grips that they will always snore, and have accepted it.

We have more on this story and more in today’s edition of a Few Things You Should Know!

Below are the some of the off the wall hacks people have tried to stop or slow down their snoring!

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  • Use Extra Pillows

    There’s such things as “anti-snore” pillows. So people spend big money to buy these pillows to help reduce their snoring.

    Sleep Pillow Snore

  • Drinking More Water

    They say drinking more water helps with snoring because you’re throat and mouth aren’t dried out while you sleep.

    Drink Water

  • Nasal Strips & Sprays

    People swear by the nasal strips and sprays. The strips apparently help keep your airway open. The sprays help keep airways not dry.

    Nasal Spray

  • Take A Hot Shower Before Bed

    The steam of the hot shower before sleep helps to humidify your airway.

    Hot Shower

  • Using A Mouth Guard

    The mouth guards help to pull your tongue and lower jaw forward to open your airway.

    Snoring Mouth Guard