He is one of the most incredible magicians of all time… although much of what David Blaine does isn’t magic. Incredible feats are what he has become famous for… and one of those feats had him injured over the weekend during his show at Resorts World Las Vegas.

Blaine’s show changes depending on when you see him. One of his recurring bits involves David taking a fall from several stories in the air onto a bed of cardboard boxes. It’s not magic, but it’s a huge feat of testicular fortitude and chancing his health at the very top of the show.

During the fall above, David was fine afterwards. His fall during the weekend looked much like this, but landing at that velocity, even the slightest miscue could spell disaster. That’s what happened.

David came from the pile of boxes with a dislocated shoulder. OUCH! Laid out on the stage, nearly 80 feet below where he began his fall, he called for anyone in the audience that was a doctor to come onto the stage and assist him.

A rep for Blaine told Johnny Kats at the Review-Journal “Mr. Blaine was treated by doctors from the audience on stage in front of the assembled crowd, where they successfully relocated his right arm, as he experienced extreme pain and discomfort. After a short delay, Blaine was able to continue with the show, in pain, but in good humor.”

This is nothing new for David. Back in December he accidentally impaled his hand when, in the worst version of “the cup game” ever made, he slammed his hand down on the incorrect cup and stabbed himself with an ice pick.

There are some that think these injuries are part of the spectacle and aren’t “real”… but they aren’t the ones falling 85 feet to some old Amazon boxes below… so we are willing to believe.