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Over the weekend, as we Spring forward, there is less crime…why? Well, evidently even criminals need time to adjust!  The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought this up this morning talking about “A Few Thing We Think You Should Know”! The good news is, as we spring forward, clearly crime needs to make their own adjustments.

According to a story put out by Vivint, it seems that it’s let’s likely for crimes to happen during daylight hours. A study from a couple of years ago actually found that the crime rates drop 7% during Daylight Saving Time. So, why wouldn’t we want to stay on this time change permanently? A lot of us think that’s a pretty good idea.

In fact, a home security system company just looked at data in regards to property crime rates, especially between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM. For example, there tends to be fewer muggings . . . stolen cars . . . theft of car parts, like catalytic converters . . . less property damage . . . and less shoplifting too.

Overall, criminals just don’t want to take those chances during the daylight hours!  And given the fact there were over 600,000 burglaries in 2021, staying on Daylight Saving Time might have it’s advantages.

Other tips to keep you and your home safe, keep the exterior of your home well lit. Keep the curtains closed at night, check and replace old locks, and you might even want to add that doorbell with a video type doorbell. All good tips to keep you safe year round.

This is all good news as we try to adjust to that extra hour of daylight and our sleeping patterns. The M&C Morning Show also brought up those things that are considered dangerous now that back when we were kids and much more!

It’s all here in this one segment…so enjoy!

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