When you’re in the parking lot of a Walmart or a Target, sometimes you can catch some golden moments of people doing weird things or even amazing things! In this case someone witnessed something truly amazing!

While sitting in their car, someone caught on camera a man who bought a new 75″ television from Target. Usually you would see them wheel it out on a cart and head to a car to load it in. Not the case for this one man. He walked out the exit of Target with a backpack on his back, dragging the television box out, with a unicycle in the other hand.

When you see something like this happen, you know what’s about to happen. One, some one is going to pull up and pick up the person and their new TV or they’re going to work some magic to get that TV home on the unicycle. Well, if you chose the second option, you’d be right!

The man pulled out a long piece of rope from his backpack and proceeded to wrap it all around the TV’s giant box! He wrapped it in such a way that there were backpack like strap loops to put his arms through, so he could pick up the TV box and wear it on his back. He then put his backpack on the front of him. Then he carefully hopped on his unicycle and started to peddle away!

The video which has gone viral just shows him cycling out of the parking lot. Did he ever make it home with the TV intact? We don’t know! But to see him even attempt to do it and succeed is amazing in it’s self!

We have more on this story and other weird and wacky stories in today’s Other News!

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