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Footballs aren’t the only thing in the air for one Las Vegas Raider. Love is flying all over the place for Tight End Darren Waller. He is trending today because the young star is getting hitched. And while that alone is enough to make headlines. It’s WHO he is marrying that is the talk of the town.

There’s about to be two sports stars in the same house.

The bride to be is another Las Vegas star. Waller‘s fiancé is Kelsey Plum. A guard for the Las Vegas Aces. The 28-year old basketball player will marry the 30-year old football player this weekend in Las Vegas. Plum, a native of California, started playing basketball in high school. She joined the Aces in 2018. 

Waller was born in Maryland and raised partly in Georgia. He played football for Georgia Tech until he was drafted in 2015 by the Baltimore Ravens. He has been with the Raiders since 2018.

Waller won the 2020 Pro Bowl with the Raiders. Plum won the Gold Medal in Women’s 3×3 basketball at the 2020 Summer Olympics. And she was named the WNBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2022. Needless to say, these two are the new power couple in sports.

How the two lovebirds met is a secret.

Waller and Plum are very quiet about their private life. That’s why you won’t find any pics of Waller on Plum‘s Instagram account.

Waller‘s Instagram account is devoid of the couple’s pics as well.

Because of their desire to keep their private life private, nobody in the general public knows how the two met. But they were both new to the Las Vegas sports scene in 2018. And both had a big year of success in 2020. So they weren’t lacking in things to talk about whenever their paths did first cross.

A perfect Las Vegas wedding.

It only makes sense that the bride and groom will get married in Las Vegas. The location of the nuptials is being kept quiet, but it will happen this weekend. Congrats to the newlyweds!

– Wendy Rush

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Tom Brady Wants To Be A Stand Up Comedian?

Is Tom Brady looking to be the next Seinfeld?

According to RadarOnline.com, the seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback is planning a career in stand-up comedy, but his inner circle is trying to talk him out of it. A source told RadarOnline.com that “Tom was a terrific quarterback, but he needs to toss this idea before it’s too late.”

I can’t imagine this is true, but the report comes as Tom Brady announced that he will start his job at Fox Sports in the fall of 2024 despite announcing his retirement from the NFL in February.

Tom Brady has no stand-up comedy experience, but he did star in the sports-comedy movie 80 for Brady with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sally Field and Rita Moreno. Some say when Fonda, Tomlin and Moreno began showing praise to Brady, it gave him the confidence to make the jump into comedy. 

“The ladies were super nice to him and he did a nice job reading professionally written material in a small part — but stand-up comedy is a whole different league! Friends say “he does a great impersonation of former teammate Rob Gronkowski — and his over-the-top Boston accent is hilarious.”

I swear, if I’m working with Tom Brady at any comedy club, and he’s making more than me, I’ll take him right down!

He spoke to FS1 host Colin Cowherd about the Fox Sports job, he said he wanted to be 100% prepared before getting in the booth. “Decompression’s important,” Brady said. “You’re on this crazy treadmill/hamster wheel loving it at the same time. It’s a daily fight… For me, I want to be great at what I do. “Talking last week to the people at Fox Sports and the leadership there, they’re going to allow me to start my Fox opportunity in the fall of 2024.”

Tom Brady reportedly signed a 10-year contract with Fox that is worth as much as $375 million.


-Carla Rea

Some football jokes Tom Brady might want to try. Make sure you read them, and end the punchline with a “Ba-dum-bum  -tsss” (rimshot).

  • Did you hear about the football player who needed a new uniform?

    He went to New Jersey!

  • And then I said - you know what happens to football players who lose their eyesight, right?

    They become referees!

  • You know why they don't play football in the jungle?

    Too many Cheetahs!

  • I met a girl at a bar, and we didn't really hit it off, so I said -

    Catch you later!

  • I'll tell you how you keep a Chicago Bears fan out of your yard -

    Put up a goal post!

  • You know what you call a Buccaneer?

    A good price for corn!

  • What do you call a Detroit Lion with a Super Bowl ring?

    A Thief!

  • Why can’t a New York Jets player get into his own driveway?

    Because someone painted an endzone on it!

  • And then I said to the flight attendant -

    Put me in coach!!

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