A woman in England had a shocking surprise when she tried to cook her dinner! She bought a fish to eat for dinner. When she got home from the store, she threw the fish in the freezer to preserve it to cook later.

Cindy Lao, from Cheltenham purchased the Crucian carp from a local fishmonger while visiting her friends in London for Chinese New Year!

She took the fish out of the freezer a day later to cook. She thawed out the fish. To her surprise, the fish was still alive!

She took the fish and put it in her bathtub to fully defrost. The fish swam around like it never was meant to be her dinner. Her and her partner thought maybe they should put the fish out of it’s misery and just cook it, but they decided to try to keep it alive.

The couple called the Carp Lazarus and decided to find it a proper home, so they took to online forums for help. They found a new home for the fish. And the person who took the Carp from them said he now has a new best friend to swim with!

We have more on this story and other weird and wacky stories in the Other News!

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