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As kids we all did, but as parents, here’s one way to stop kids from picking their nose! The Mike & Carla Morning Show thought this would be an important message for all parents.

According to an article published a couple of years ago by verywellfamily, it’s a very natural thing for young kids to do. In fact, the article states it happens for a number of reasons. It mentions “…kids pick their noses because they are bored, stressed, or because it has become a nervous habit”.

Well, as kids, we’ve all suffered from those things, especially boredom. But if you’re a parent that needs to stop your kid from picking their nose, here’s a few ideas. Call their attention to it and ask them to stop. Now most likely that won’t deter them from doing it again, but repeatedly, maybe.

If they continue to pick, the article also mentions that if they are bored just watching t.v., engage them in some other activity. The article goes on to say that busy hands are unlikely to end up in their nose!y

Of course, if all else fails, one television reporter had another suggestion. Kayla Sullivan, of WISH-TV in Indianapolis, was doing a story on this for , very topic and that it applied to her own son. She suggested to make sure you have tissue handy to clean up any mess. Kayla also suggested not to make fun or laugh when they do since this will only encourage the habit.

However, she did give one tip that might help and in fact “scare” a little kid into NOT picking their nose ever again. It might be the best way to get your kid to stop picking. Listen to the segment, try it out and see if it works! Good luck and enjoy!

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