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This morning featured a female listener wanting to know what to do since her boyfriend started using two different voices! What do you do when this happens? That was t The Mike & Carla Morning Show found out that this young lady had been dating a guy for about 6 months. Since then he talks with one voice at home and another type voice when they are out.

It seems that when they are home he has a “high” voice, but when they go out, he tries to change it to a deeper speaking voice. She doesn’t know why this has started to bother her, but we think we’ve all known people like this. You have your “professional” working voice, then you probably have your “at home” voice  right?

Now Quora featured a thread specifically talking about this situation. That some people feel very comfortable speaking with two different voices. They mentioned the different situations they use their two different voices and what makes it so easy to do both.

Mike O’Brian talked about his daughter who talks with two different voices. One when their on the phone together, but another on the phone at work.  Mike went one step further to find out if he indeed had two voices, regular at home voice, then “radio” voice. So, M&C called Mike’s wife to ask and she basically said what you hear on the morning show is what you get at home.

Carla Rea had mentioned “Moms”  who always had two different voices…on the phone voice and then “talking to the kids” voice! We all had that kind of mom of course!

As we talked more and more, came a totally different perspective that no one on the morning show even thought of. Without giving her name, she gave us a totally different point of view on this topic. Listen to the segment and enjoy!

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