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A lawmaker in the southeast is pushing to repeal a law that states you can’t purchase a bottle of wine that is over one gallon.  So if this goes through, you should finally be able to buy a gallon of wine in the state of Florida! It’s an old law, but one Florida politician feels it’s time to change.

Now it might be one of those old laws that nobody noticed and was never changed. Not that anyone really needs to buy a “gallon” of wine, but you never know. Big weekend, got a lot of friends coming over or you need that special gift.  No matter what the case might be, buying a gallon of wine has been off limits.

If caught with the huge bottle of wine, it could cost ya! In fact, according to Fox News, “In Florida, selling wine in a container larger than one gallon — except in reusable wine kegs or for manufacturer-to-distributor shipping — is a misdemeanor. A second offense is a felony, which can carry a penalty of up to 60 days in jail.” 

Now The Mike & Carla Morning Show couldn’t think of any good wines that come in a gallon container. However, Florida state Rep. Chip LaMarca is talking about why he thinks it would be a good idea to get rid of this rule.

The M&C Morning Show gave their own reasons as to why it might be time to change the law in Florida. You might not agree with them, but we think you might. Everyone has their own opinion, but it’s weird that with everything going on as it is, it’s against the law to do this?

We wish State Representative the best of luck in his campaign to get this law changed. Heck, maybe in time for Spring Break!

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